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Alt-text writing emphasizes on description of given photos, graphs, charts, and other types of art. This writing attribute guides the sight-impaired readers of all age to gain equivalent knowledge as a person with normal sight while viewing textbooks and web portals. The levels of subject matter is given more consideration ranging from lower to higher education in versatile fields, including subject areas, such as English, Social science, Math, Science. The daily challenges for providing accessibility of academic and specifically STM textbooks to the sight-impaired readers, Acadecraft offers professional alt-tag writing services to the publishers. We work with proficient alt-text writers in the industry with deep technical knowledge in their related subject areas.

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Acadecraft team consists of adept professionals with high level of technical competence and strong operational skills with ability to manage large projects. Our team is resourceful and agile with adequate experience and expertise in writing.

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We at Acadecraft are a global publishing company dealing with Alt-text tagging and writing academics books and eBooks, content writing, graphic designing, and editing services providing information and services to our esteemed clients.

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Our clients are the top leaders and sources in the industries developing leading contents for students’ academics books and eBooks, assessments, graphics designing service providers, content writing service providers.


We analyze the work allocated to us, explore its complexity, evaluate various courses of actions, and approach our esteemed clients to quote our price. Thus, we deal with our clients in a very cost efficient way to satisfy their requirements.

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How it works

Titles are provided in the forms of .pdf text materials and alt-txt files of extracted images in MS Excel form. Specific guidelines are also provided from the vendors’ side.
At Acadecraft, our SMEs scrutinize the minuteness of each image to furnish a unique text that enhances its quality of being present at a given position of the text material, so that the complexity of the image can be judged equally by all, sight-impaired as well as normal persons, making the image self-explanatory.


Writers scrutiny the images in MS Excel sheet and judge the images’ complexity, accordingly compose short and/or long alt-text, so that the images are best experienced by all types of readers without even referring the study materials.


Senior experts in the subjects further analyze the alt-text writing for perfectness according to the given text materials and alt-text images, adhering to the project guidelines, and error-free language.

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