We work hand-in-hand with clients to select the most appropriate application, based on suitability, cost and repurposing requirements. Sometimes words aren't the most effective way to communicate. Using graphs, diagrams and charts can help your reader to get a clearer picture of your research findings and how they compare with other data.

Type of graphics :

We convert your bitmap images, hand drawn art, graphic ideas, club and company logos in to vector image files ready for digital, offset, and screen printing, graphic applications, internet graphics and many other uses.
All file types, jpg to vector, gif to vector, tif to vector, bmp to vector, scanned images to vector, any image converted to a vector image, economically.

Figures, tables and graphs are often used in scientific reports. They are valuable because they can be used to present complex results in a readable way, but it is important that they are used carefully.
Labelling and using tables and diagrams,
Tables and graphs should be: numbered sequentially, labelled clearly and positioned as close to the relevant text as possible.

Changing an image from one graphics format into another. The new image may not look identical to the original for several reasons. The import/export filters in the application may not be up-to-date, which is especially critical when converting between vector and raster images.
In addition, the resulting image may no longer be modifiable. For example, converting from vector to raster eliminates all overlapping layers in the original drawing, and the single-image bitmap result cannot be edited.

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