Mobi Services

Are you looking to improve the readership of your books? There are so many ways to push the sale of your books and online is the great way to hold the key. Technology has come a long way and eBooks are the great miracle of this new updated technology. Convert your print ready paper book into Kindle eBook so that you can reach new audiences easily. With the growing trends of eBooks, Kindle Mobi formats and ePub are continuously increasing. With the Kindle conversion services, we will do the heavy lifting for you by opening the conversion process once your paperback book is approved.

We provide the below services to our clients :

  • Hard copies
  • Scanned copies to Kindle
  • PDF to Kindle
  • HTML files to Kindle
  • Text files
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • XML to Kindle
  • Adobe InDesign to Kindle Conversion
  • QuarkXPress Documents