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Alt-text or alternative text writing is a form of writing that provides an alternative way of conveying the information provided by an image to users that can't necessarily see the image due to different reasons. It involves defining and describing any kind of image, including photographs, diagrams, graphs, charts, info graphics, etc. Such a text also helps the visually-impaired in getting a clear idea of all the elements shown in the image. Alt-text writing is easily convertible to audio script, which makes it more comprehensive.
Alt-text writing is also very helpful when a thumbnail is found missing.

Alt text service is an integral part of many web portals and textbooks. Through this, visually impaired readers can get equivalent knowledge to any other student by referring to alt-texts. Moreover, it also carries with it a noble cause of imparting education to one and all, irrespective of any physical limitations. It is an honor to say that our alt-text writing services make the content of academic and textbooks of different disciplines accessible to every sight-impaired reader.

About the service

Our alt-text service is user friendly, as it considers the cognitive level and the native language spoken by the user during its creation, making it easier for the user to understand the text simply and clearly. Alt-text writing does not hold redundant information and explicit details that are not shown in the image.

We have a wonderful team of experts, who are proficient in the field of alt-writing. Our team members have years of experience and deep technical knowledge and employ their know-how in providing eloquent details of images in the form of alt-text.

Types of services

At Acadecraft, alt-text service is available across all disciplines. Our alt-text writers can write alt-texts for any kind of image, irrespective of its type or complexity level. We have full-fledged experience of working in this field for the last two years for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Psychology, Economics, Engineering, IT and History.

Our experts are also experienced in writing alt-texts for all images in the books for Grade K to Grade 12. We have built a strong position in this field by working with various publishers, thereby learning different alt-text writing styles from different publishers. We not only take care that we provide alt-text for the images, but we also ensure that are free from grammatical and spelling errors.

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It’s pretty simple.

To get started, you simply need to connect with us and share your requirements and specifications. We’ll make sure that everything is customized as per your needs. Our team makes great efforts to provide you with your exact requirements in one go. However, we are always open and ever ready for reworking, in case if you feel that a revision could add more value to the content.

Apart from providing top-notch quality services, we are very particular about meeting the deadline. Moreover, our rates are competitive and one of the best offered in the market. Do not miss this opportunity to try our alt-text service.