AR and VR Services

AR and VR Services

AR & VR Services are one of the few leading technologies, which will have a lot of utility and employment in sectors such as Entertainment, Public Service and Art. Acadecraft is a provider of quality AR & VR Services. With our AR & VR Services, we wish to walk alongside the world into a brighter future.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality connotes to a very futuristic technology that makes the unreal real, or something abstract alongside those lines. Augmented Reality is simply the manipulation of cyberspace to create objects using perceptual models. AR doesn’t serve an impossibly futuristic purpose yet. It revolves around human necessity.

For example, you need to know where that great restaurant is you keep hearing about so much? You use the AR Services through the GPS in your phone and simply figure out where is it located. That is how simple life has become through AR & VR Services.

AR and VR Services

What is Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality creates the same illusion of futurism, sci-fi and surrealism. VR is relatively on the same tangent as AR. Whereas in AR the object is simulated in real-time, VR serves that opposite purpose. VR provides a simulated environment with all sorts of interactive figures, sensory information and simulations (depends on the intricacy of a system).

Both AR & VR are largely in demand, due to the likelihood that they will be one of the most prominent technologies in a future not so distant.

AR & VR Services at Acadecraft

If you’re looking for quality AR & VR Services, you need not look any further. Acaderaft is a Content Development & E Learning service which uses modern day technologies to make the platform of both online & offline learning easier.

Our AR & VR Services are focused on utility rather than the conventional pomposity. Our team members include game designers, UX designers, app developers, content researchers and content developers. Our professionals use the technical knowledge to churn out results which always satisfy our clients.

Our team members develop the content in a diversity of subjects such as science, maths, nursing, engineering, information technology, and many more. They create informative texts and equally informative and attractive media to enhance the user’s engagement. We help educators and corporate executives to transform their content into real-life stories and make it more captivating.

Types of services

We provide AR/VR solutions in several ways. We create intriguing content integrated with VR or enhance the existing modules to give them an attractive tinge. We can also develop applications. Our services include:

  • Educational Apps
  • Vocational Apps
  • Medical & Engineering Simulation Apps
  • Content Development
  • Visual Storyboard Development
  • 3D Graphics & Animations
  • AR & VR Apps Development

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AR & VR Service

AR & VR Services

AR and VR Service

Our Process Flow

AR and VR Services

You just have to supply us with an overview of your project and your requirements. Our experts will understand your requirements. They will then develop the content that aligns with your requirements and abides by all the given guidelines. We strive to deliver top-notch quality content in the least amount of time.