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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) has changed the world of science and it was introduced at a time when concerns over science were at high.

With our team of experts at Acadecraft we ensure to meet standards of our clients for K-12 science assessment programs. We have served many clients develop high quality items that meet these requirements.

Keeping STEM-related curriculum in mind, we deliver engineering practice items with cross cutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas to our worldwide clients.

Technology Enhancement Item Development

Technology-Enhanced Items are the backbone of Next Generation Assessments.

We at Acadecraft develop technology enhanced item writings, it include multiple-choice items, true and false, yes-no items, short answer questions, and constructed response items.

Our team has expertise in designing and writing for any kind of technology enhanced items with accuracy and large scale delivery capabilities.

Talent Assessment & Development

Talent assessment and development has become significant with today’s effective economic environment.

Acadecraft can provide a schedule for challenging exercise and assessment. Our team works rigorously to help deliver the best they can. The assessments may include subject knowledge assessments, psychometric assessments, and/or term paper assessments.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are used as a part of the recruitment process and has become more and more challenging over time.

Acadecraft provides item tests that include reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires and ability assessments. Our experts make sure that these assessments meet industry standards and objectives.

4 I Assessment Services

(Item Creation, Cloning, Alignment and Review)

Acadecraft has a dedicated team for high-quality item creation, item cloning, item alignment and item review. At Acadecraft we understand client and project requirements and create content according to the standards with quality assurance process to ensure error free items.

Acadecraft provides high quality and standard alignment to the items through cloning process. Every item goes through reviewing to ensure accuracy.

Item Banking

Acadecraft provides a wide range of item banks, which are developed after proper content evaluation, validation, analysis and high quality assessment. Acadecraft has a large pool of experienced SMEs to meet client’s expectations and can deliver items when project timelines are tight.

Competitive Examination Assessment Development

(SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, IIT-JEE, SBI-PO, CAT, DAT, Banking, Medical & Engineering Exams)

Acadecraft offers all types of competitive level assessment items that include SAT, ACT, LSAT, IBPS, SSC, LIC, RRB, NTPC and so on. Our SMEs work closely to deliver error free content with top class assessments for competitive levels.

Acadecraft has experience in writing items for many competitive level assessments and involves multiple checks and balances.

K12 Assessment Development

Acadecraft develops a wide range of item writing services for K-12 assessments in English, Maths, Science and other subjects. Our team carefully works to develop high class item writing to meet current accessibility standards for every grade, particularly for lower grades, pictures and graphics are used to make items more expressive and engaging.

Our expertise will also review items for language, accuracy and deliver error free items in time.

College Admission Assessment Development

Acadecraft provides services to develop tests designed to measure skills and knowledge.

Acadecraft offers a wide range of test item writing services needed for college admission examinations in areas such as English Verbal reasoning, Reading comprehension, Logical reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Quantitative reasoning.

Acadecraft develops high-quality test items for examinations like GRE®, GMAT®, SAT®, PCAT®, LSAT®, PSAT® and ACT®.

Licensing & Certification Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers licensing test items for professional examinations such as:

Business Law
Real Estate

Acadecraft also creates test items based on technology:

Microsoft Office
Microsoft .Net
Microsoft Systems
General Technology Topics

Our Assessment Portfolio
Grade Standard DOK Type
Question A student studies the motion of objects on various kinds of surfaces. She moves her toy car on three kinds of surfaces labeled 1, 2, and 3. She finds that the toy car moves faster on surface 2 than on surface 1 and moves slower on surface 3 than on surface 1.   What factor causes this change in speed of the car on the surfaces?  
Options A: Surface 2 is rougher than surfaces 1 and 3.
B: Surface 1 is rougher than surfaces 2 and 3.
C: Surface 2 is smoother than surfaces 1 and 3.
D: Surface 1 is smoother than surfaces 2 and 3.
Correct option C

Grade Standard DOK Type
Question The image shows four positions of Earth as it revolves around the Sun.  

  At which position of Earth will the number of daylight hours be minimum in the northern hemisphere and maximum in the southern hemisphere?  
Options A: Position 1
B: Position 2
C: Position 3
D: Position 4
Correct option C
Grade Board Blooms Level Type
6 CBSE Application Short Answer
Question Find the circuit in which bulb would glow. Also, write the reason for this.

Answer Bulbs will light up only in circuit 1 because each terminal of bulb is connected to one terminal of the cell. Switch is also closed completing the circuit. Thus, current can flow and bulb will glow.
Grade Standard DOK Type
Question The table shows the first ionization energies of some of group 1 elements.  
Element Ionization Energy (kJ/mole)
Li 520
Na 496
K 419
Rb 408
Cs 376
  Which statement explains the trend in the ionization energy from Li to Cs?
Options A: The increase in the number of protons decreases the energy required to remove the outermost electron from the orbit.
B: The increase in the number of protons decreases the energy required to remove the outermost electron from the orbit.
C: The increase in the valance electrons increases the nuclear attraction on the outermost electron, causing a decrease in the ionization energy.
D: The increase in the atomic radii decreases the nuclear attraction on the outermost electron causing a decrease in the ionization energy.
Correct option D

Grade Standard DOK Type
Question Jack prepared an atomic model for his science project, as shown.

Sam observes the model and classifies it as a compound. Is Sam’s classification correct? Explain.

Options A: No, because a compound is made of atoms of a single element that are not joined chemically.
B: Yes, because a compound is made of one or more similar atoms that may or may not be joined chemically.
C: No, because a compound is made of two or more atoms of different elements joined by bonds.
D: Yes, because a compound is made of only two similar atoms joined together by a bond.
Correct option C
Grade Standard DOK Type
Question The now extinct Tasmanian tiger was a large, dog-like animal with stripes on its back. The marsupial animal was a meat eater native to continental Australia and Tasmania. Its population dwindled after Europeans began settling in and around Australia. What most likely contributed to its extinction?  
Options A: a poor reproduction rate
B: domestication of Tasmanian tigers
C: was viewed as a threat to the settlers livestock
D: climate change resulting in an outbreak of diseases
Correct option C

Grade Standard DOK Type
Question A biotechnology company has designed a pig that is genetically engineered to produce human hemoglobin. The human hemoglobin will be isolated from the transgenic pig’s blood to treat human trauma patients. What is a moral issue that is applicable for this specific use of genetic engineering?  
Options A: What impact will these genetically designed animals have on the environment?
B: Is the cost of developing such animals balanced by the benefit they might provide?
C: How safe is it to let genetically designed animals breed with unmodified organisms?
D: Does genetically designing of animals for human benefit account to treating them as objects?
Correct option D
Grade Board Blooms Level Type
6 CBSE Evaluation MCQ
Question Which of the following figure represents the correct representation of photosynthesis?  

Correct option B
Grade Standard DOK Type
Question A point P is as shown.

The coordinates of the point P are ________.  

Answer (2, 3)

Grade Standard DOK Type
Question John plotted a point on a coordinate plane. He tells his friend, Sam, that he plotted the point on the y-axis and asked him to identify the coordinate values of the point.   To identify the coordinate of the point, what additional information does Sam need?
Options A: The distance of the point from the origin along the y-axis, as the x- coordinate is 0.
B: The distance of the point from the origin along the x-axis as the x- coordinate is 0.
C: The distance of the point from the origin along the y-axis as the y- coordinate is 0.
D: The distance of the point from the origin along the x-axis as the y- coordinate is 0.
Correct option A
Grade Board Blooms Level Type
2 CBSE Understanding MCQ
Question Frog jumps 10 steps forward.

Which of these represents the correct order of the frog jumps?  

Options A: 15,25 and 30
B: 20,30 and 35
C: 20,30 and 40
D: 30,40 and 50
Correct option C

Grade Board Blooms Level Type
5 CBSE Remembering T/F
Question Recognize the angle made by the body.

Find if given statement is true or false.   (A).Position of the body in image – 1 can be categorised as straight angle. (B). Position of the body in image – 2 can be categorised as reflex angle.  

Answer A: True B: True

Grade Board Blooms Level Type
5 CBSE Application FIB
Question A well of radius 1.5 m is shown below.

The length of rod that is placed diametrically opposite to each other to pull the bucket should be more than _________m.  

Answer 3 m   Rod length more than diametre of the circle can be used to pull bucket out.
Grade Standard Type
1 Olympiad MCQ
Question Which set of pictures matches the table?  
Object Count
Flowers 2
Cakes 1
Gifts 3

Correct option A

Grade Standard Type
6 Olympiad MCQ
Question Ankit and Vaibhav are talking about the extreme points of the earth. Vaibhav says that the lowest point on the earth is the Marianas Trench, 13 Km below sea level. Ankit says that the lowest point on land is Byrd Glacier, about 1 Km below sea level.   Represent the depth of Mariana Trench and Byrd Glacier as integers with appropriate signs.  
Options A: +13, +1
B: +13, -1
C: -13, +1
D: -13, -1
Correct option D
Strand Measurement
Concept Understanding attributes that can be measured, compared and ordered
Difficulty level Low
Blooms Taxonomy Application
Type MCQ
Stem: The image shown below is an alloy wheel. Each spoke of the wheel takes from the wheel.

Find the angle between two adjacent spokes. (Spokes are equally distributed)
Answer options:
A. 20o
B. 35o
C. 45o
D. 55o
Key & Rationales:

  1. A. Incorrect:- The student misinterpret the question. He considers the angle covered by two spokes.
  2. B. Correct.
  3. C. Incorrect:- The student misinterpret the question. He divides a complete angle 360o by number of spokes.
  4. D. Incorrect:- The student is unfamiliar with the concept of composing and decomposing. He thinks total angle made by spokes contributes to the complete angle. Thus 360o + 80o = 440o.and divides it by number of spokes 440o/8 = 55o

Strand Patterning and Algebra
Concept Understanding equality and inequality using generalized properties of numbers and operations
Difficulty level Hard
Blooms Taxonomy Application
Type MCQ

Stem: Write an algebraic equation with the help of given information.

“Thrice of twelve more than a variable is 10 less than 70”.

{Take variable =}

Answer options:

Key & Rationales:

  1. A. Incorrect:-The student misinterprets the question. He understands ’12 more than as 12 times’ and multiplied the symbol with 12.
  2. B. Incorrect:- The student misinterpret question and multiplied 3 with the only and leaves multiplication of 3 with 12.
  3. C. Incorrect:- The student lacks applying his knowledge of equality and inequality. He confuses and takes meaning of ‘is’ as ’less than’.
  4. D. Correct.
Exam Subject Type
JEE Chemistry MCQ
Question Identify the compounds A and B formed in the following reaction.

The compound B is given to be a dicarbonyl compound.  


Answer B

Exam Subject Type
JEE Physics MCQ
Question A wire with radius r = 8.5*10-4m and has length of l=50m has its resistivity 2.5*10-7Ω-m at 40 oC. If temperature coefficient of resistance of the material is 0.0625, find its resistance at 100 oC.  
Options: A: 11 ohm
B: 11.39 ohm
C: 7.25 ohm
D: 39.19 ohm
Answer B

Exam Subject Type
JEE Mathematics MCQ
Question If a/sinΘ = b/cosΘ for Θ∈[0,π] , what is the value of sin(x-y) for x,y ∈[0,π] ?  
Options: A: 0
B: (a-b)
C: (b-a)
D: (1+a-b)
Answer A

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