Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design & Technology are two separate things. However, they are two branches of the same tree. This is true because one led to the other. Many people do not clearly understand how these two relate. For this, we need to talk about the history of both of these.

Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and technology both grew together. On the first hand, Instructional Design has many features. By definition, Instructional Design is the pattern a course or curriculum follows. Generally, there are Instructional Design experts who create these patterns. In the olden days, there were limits to Instructional Design. Instructional Design was used to plan school and college courses, textbooks, syllabuses, and curriculums.

However, change came with the progress in technology. Since technological progress pushes everything from religion to cultural to society to change, it is only natural for Instructional Design to change. Generally, we see technology changing the way we talk, know and understand each other. It also changes how much we work and how much we don’t. We don’t understand these effects because we live in them. Because many people don’t think about history and make thinking appear as a discomfort, we are very limited. Naturally, you become what stops you.

Technology made gadgets common. Now that you can do so many things with gadgets, how about learning and reading through it? Instructional Design found even a bigger use for itself. How about making studying accessible? With this, E Learning was born. Due to E Learning, Instructional Design and its demand grew. Instructional Design and Technology are, as I said, two branches of the same tree.

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