Product Content Transformation

We help create e-books to meet the fast-growing demand from publishers as technology changes rapidly and as the need to scale up conversion services intensifies. Our services cover the entire tablet and e-reader spectrum for devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy Note, among others.

  • KF8 fixed layout or reflow
  • KF8 fixed layout or reflow

Our team produces fixed KF8 layouts for Kindle devices and EPUBs for iPads to cater to the needs of publishers who produce design-intensive and layout-oriented books. We perform stringent quality checks on files for Kindle, iPad, apps and all browsers to ensure that pages are displayed exactly the same across devices and platforms.

Content Transformation

Interactive Content Creation

We provide full-service interactive content creation services for a diverse set of needs including storyboarding, needs analysis, instructional design, scripting, production and proofreading. We also develop content-rich, engaging e-books that embed multimedia resources by repurposing existing core and ancillary print content with client-specified online platforms and web-based portals.

Mobile Apps

We offer end-to-end app design, development and deployment services across all mobile platforms.


Our experienced creative team offers superior animation techniques to produce vibrant, eye-catching, engaging projects that are on time and on budget.

Flash to HTML5

We help transform existing Flash content into usable HTML5 formats, which are suitable for a variety of devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Interactive Whiteboards

Our highly engaging and interactive whiteboard content applications integrate Flash, audio and video components to effectively leverage the power of whiteboards as a collaborative learning tool. Our expertise in product development across multiple disciplines gives us a competitive edge in designing integrated learning systems that are content driven and serve identified learning objectives. We develop applications for all whiteboard brands, including Smart and Promethean.