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We are a proficient company providing accessible flash to HTML5 conversion services for businesses around the globe.
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Key Issues

Technological advancement has made it difficult to deliver learning content through Adobe Flash since they are not digitally accessible by all users. There is an ever-growing need to convert Flash to HTML5 for multi-browser compatibility, strong media support, semantic enrichment, and enhanced accessibility through apps, websites, and games in real-time. Flash to HTML5 conversion has helped in easy downloading and accessing content on multiple digital platforms.

All the content to be converted requires expert and experienced professionals to deliver the best result. Flash to HTML5 conversion can be challenging if not managed well. It is essential to select the right graphics to use, fonts, apt formatting to achieve accuracy in conversion. Professionals should appropriately structure the graphs, text, images, charts, and tables in an accessible order along with possessing in-depth knowledge and experience in computing and a high understanding of digital conversion and publishing. The high-resolution visuals should complement the text and the formatting should be accordingly done. Flash to HTML5 conversion should be personalized to avoid errors and well-structured to appeal to the readers. Experts should maintain and possess the skill to operate high-level Flash to HTML5 conversion technology. The goal should be for the converted content to be available and accessible to the readers.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of skilled and committed e-publishers who have an extensive knowledge of designing and converting content to HTML5 for major digital platforms, paying special attention to all details along with a quality control mechanism and evaluation processes that test and validate converted content. We offer cost-effective, quick, and consistent converted content, designed with extreme precision. Our Flash to HTML5 conversion services are accurate along with a personal touch. We precisely blend complex formatting elements such as tables, graphs, text columns, and images into converted content. We allow easy interoperability and multi-browser functioning for users among software and hardware for digital content and allow them to consume the content on any device. We efficiently make content future proof by accurately restoring old flash drive content. Our Flash to HTML5 conversion enhances easy availability, access, and quick sharing mechanism for users. Our converted content goes through a rigorous quality check before delivery. We design professional, quick, and affordable HTML5 content for multiple formats and our proofreaders ensure that digitized formats are error-free. Our experts develop high-end conversion services to reach the audience using digital platforms.

Types of Flash to HTML5 conversion services

Acadecraft delivers Flash to HTML5 conversion service through the following four strategies – called the four ‘R’s.

Our 4 ‘R’s in Flash to HTML5 Conversion re:

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Acadecraft delivers recording conversion services practicing a basic level of conversion by recording flash courses in an MP4 format and add interactive elements for making content more relatable and more inclusive of the users. We work towards enhancing user engagement with the content.

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Acadecraft has an efficient team of experts who use authoring tools to transform courses earlier developed in traditional versions and republish the content in the latest version of the authoring tool to deliver high-quality HTML5 output. We have years of experience in accurately retracting and republishing content.

flash to HTML5 conversion services

Acadecraft has a team of professionals who work towards retaining relevant media elements and rebuilding courses in the latest version of authoring tools, from the older version, so that the content can be seamlessly accessed by the users and is made available over multiple digital devices and platforms

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA

Acadecraft utilizes new authoring tools and redesigns the course completely to suit the consumption of users on new media by employing advanced instructional design strategies to meet the needs of the publishers. We ensure that the content is up-to-date and is the latest update on the subject.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5


Acadecraft understands that digitally available content is a basic requirement in this modern era. Digitized content is a major component of e-learning solutions. Our team improves the learning agendas by using the latest HTML5 conversion tools. Our cost-effective, quick, and efficient Flash to HTML5 conversion services are used for imparting knowledge and training purposes.

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Acadecraft is one of the most reputed Flash to HTML5 conversion service providers in the world. We assist educational institutions in converting content to HTML5 accurately to make it more available and accessible by students. Our HTML 5 conversion services are in accordance with institutions’ requirements to attain their satisfaction.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Industrial Training

Acadecraft, an affordable Flash to HTML5 conversion services provider, provides accurate HTML5 conversion services to all industrial institutions and media houses. We deliver our conversion services to ease the process of training with the use of content. We help institutions to reach a wider range of audience to consume their content.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to convert Flash to HTML5 for businesses and educational institutions to help them gain access to content and assist them in a quicker overall development.

We first, understand the content requirements after evaluating the text, then decide on the right Flash to HTML5 conversion format for the content to be converted into. We then choose the right content scanning and conversion software. Next, we convert the content in the chosen format and finally, assess it after conversion for quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the 5 steps of our workflow include- understanding, deciding, choosing, converting, and assessing.

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