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Copy Editing Services at Acadecraft

Acadecraft's in-house team of skilled and highly experienced Copy Editors render your content free of all errors.

The art of Copy Editing is essential for both the academic as well as the corporate worlds. Copy Editing is the process through which a written piece of content is reviewed, in some cases analyzed, and then improved on the basis of readability, content quality and accuracy. Copy Editing services are not to be confused with Content Editing services, as both vary in terms of their domains. The Copy Editors who create Copy Editing Services have the responsibility to analyze the content for any errors, whether grammatical or context based.

Why Choose Our Copy Editing Services?

We cater to your services with respect to certain elements. These elements help us find the best ways to conduct our Copy Editing Services. Some of these elements are:


The briefness of content is as important as the content itself. Brevity maintains stability.

Grammatical Errors

Since grammar determines the word order in any text, its accuracy is of utmost importance.


In order to produce impeccable content, we use Proofreading to eliminate all factual and logical errors.

Copy Editing Services at Acadecraft Inc.

Acadecraft refines the content to unexemplified extents and rids it of all error.

Acadecraft has the best Copy Editors in the game. We take the provision of our Copy Editing Services to the clients very seriously. For the content to be well-crafted and of the topmost quality, all of our employees should be able to maintain quality services and efficiency. That is the intent with which we choose our employees, especially the craftsmen of our Copy Editing Services.

Our Copy Editors are shrewd and have the ability to catch even the smallest mistakes. No mistakes can hide from them, since they understand the requirements of the clients from the content. We provide Copy Editing Services worldwide. Some of our Copy Editing Services are:

Responsibilities in Copy Editing

Copy Editors are required to take on many roles with a specific piece of content until it reaches the point of conclusion. The process of Copy Editing Services must include:

Altering the language (and not the meaning) for readability and accuracy purposes, without altering the context of the content.


All forms of punctuation, grammatical or spelling errors are corrected


The accuracy of the facts, dates and statistical data in the content is checked, and corrected if necessary.


Researching for appropriate facts and information to effectively edit the content with absolute precision.

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Levels of Copy Editing

Our highly experienced Copy Editors have developed the absolute method which destroys all probability for error. The method includes 3 levels of analysis in our Copy Editing Services. These levels ensure the eradication of all kinds of errors which a text or a piece of content can possibly contain.
Copy Editing Level 1

The first level includes substantive editing. This form of editing counters all forms of errors which influence the presentation, the style of copy editing services as well as the organization of the whole piece. These errors are expertly fixed after being recognized, making the copy impeccable in its presentation, and improving its overall impression

Copy Editing Level 2

In the second level, content editing takes place. This form of editing ensures that the content follows the 5 C's of copy editing (that is concise, clear, consistent, correct and complete). Our Copy Editing Services are loaded with these elements. We make sure that the overall tone of your content remains uncompromised.

Copy Editing Level 3

The final level is all about proofreading. In this level, the content is scanned for all sorts of mistakes, may them be punctuational, grammatical, organizational, factual (and most importantly, logical). This method renders the content absolutely free of all flaws.

Copy Editing Services at Acadecraft

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