Data Capture services

Data Capture Services

Data Capture refers to the process of identifying data from various sources and extracting relevant information from the scanned documents. Ample of data can be found from forms, surveys, and other documents but it needs to be captured and organized properly.

About our service

Acadecraft provides data capture services to our valuable clients and releases their burden. We have an in-house team of adept researchers who capture data from millions of documents and present the relevant information in an organized and clear-cut way.

The professionals find data from survey forms, bills, scanned invoices, directories, graphs, charts, web and other sources. We also use keyboarding and OCR scanning to capture data. We are known for our accuracy, consistency and quick turnaround.

We compile the captured data in an excel sheet, CRM or any other software that you want. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to ensure full security of the data.


Types of services

We offer our data capture services to capture any kind of data that is beneficial for your business. We can seek data for engineering, medical, law, finance or any other field. We deliver the content in the required format.

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Data Capture services
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Data Capture services

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Data Capture services

Any kind of data captured into a format of your choice

You can get any kind of data captured into a format of your choice. To make use of our expertise, make an order with us and explain your project requirements. We will then assign an expert to take care of all your requirements and convert the text accordingly.