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Digital education is in vogue which has escalated the demands for digital content. We help publishers to develop engaging and informative Prek K-12 and higher education level content for kindles, whiteboards, tablets, PC and other digital platforms.

About our service

We provide our gamut of services to K-12 and higher education publishers. Our in-house team comprises of postgraduates and Ph.D. degree holders who have knowledge of diverse educational fields. They work together and research market trends to develop stellar content.

They develop custom e-learning content by developing effective strategies. We design personalized solutions that are based on your training needs and objectives. The content abides by all the industry guidelines of AICC, SCORM and TIN CAN. It is based on ADDIE model and designed in such a way to support multiple platforms.

Education services

Types of services

Content Development: We can develop customized educational content like instructor manuals, workbooks, assessment, curriculum and much more. Our content abides by all the guidelines .

Editorial and Enhancement: Use our proofreading and content enhancement services to remove errors and redundancies from the content and make it appealing .

Content Transformation: We can transform the content to different formats to make it widely accessible and usable.

E-books and new media creation: We create e-books for multiple devices, interactive content, mobile apps and interactive whiteboards.

Design and Composition: Get fine illustration, art, infographics designed to compliment well with the written text.

Rights and Permissions: We take care of authoritative and administrative permissions associated with the text and images used in the text.

QA services: Our QA services make sure that the text contains true and valid facts and is error-free.

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Education services

Education services

Education services

Our Process Flow

Education services

To get your content developed from our experts, you can make an order with us right away. Explain your requirements and provide detailed guidelines so that we can create a content that suffices your need.

Our expert content creators will then work closely with subject matter experts to develop lucid, comprehensive and informative educational content within the proposed deadline. After receiving the content, you can ask for modifications if any.