Creating intriguing assessment content for Educomp Smart Classes

This is the era of digitalization and the modern-day students yearn to be educated through state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Educomp Smart Classes have transformed the way education is imparted to the students belonging to this age.


The conventional approach of blackboard teaching and note making was gradually losing its effectiveness in the beginning of this millennium. It was thus, essential to grow academically and introduce new ways of learning and teaching that can leverage deeper levels of conceptual development among the students. This led to the inception of smart classes.

Educomp, the largest education company in India that is operating since 1994, always believed in creating interesting and engaging content for the K12 students. It brought the concept of smart classes and wanted intriguing content that could exemplify the difficult and complex concepts in a way that was appealing and easy-to-understand.

Educomp also wanted contextually-rich assessment development that could advance the thinking of all the learners. It wanted an assessment that could motivate a higher level of thinking whilst following the state standards.


Acadecraft is a pioneer in developing interactive content for Smart Classes and other digital tools. We have our in-house team of professionals who have knowledge of various subjects such as science, mathematics, social science, english, computers and much more. Our professionals carry out intensive research and work with subject matter experts to develop the assessment.

We provide well-tailored assessment for Smart Classes according to our clients’ requirements. We make sure that the content aligns with the guidelines and follows the format of that particular exam. The content covers all the important topics of the prescribed syllabi.

We employed smart learning approach that provides a framework and oodles of smart thinking tools to the teachers and students and stimulated a higher level of understanding. The learners were able to build knowledge, and our assessment transformed their learning into a product that depicted what they learned.


Our zealous team created a contextually-rich, thought-provoking and appropriate assessment to be a part of the modules of Educomp Smart Classes. We crafted the assessment for myriads of central and state boards catering to the standard norms of each of these. Our professionals developed unambiguous, lucid and eloquent content within the board norms for CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and other state boards.

Educomp was mesmerized by the cost-effective and top-notch quality outputs that they received. The company is now a part of our huge family. They constantly turn to us when they are in need of high-quality and lucid content.