English Language Teaching services

English Language Teaching (ELT)

English Language Teaching or ELT publishers work with us to get high-quality content developed for publishing.We provide content both for coursebook and for the resource book.

About our service

English Language teachers of schools and colleges rely on ELT coursebook and resource book to train the students. We provide high-quality and personalized content to all the ELT publishers. We have an in-house team of adept professionals at Acadecraft, who understand your needs and develop text that syncs with your requirements.

Our team members are masters and Ph.D. degree holders in English. They research about the course and university’s guidelines and then develop content that abides by these. Our language expert develops unambiguous content laden with a rich vocabulary.

English Language Teaching services

Types of services

We provide a gamut of services to ELT publishers. We can develop digital content, media and enhance the existing content. We also provide Quality Assurance services whereby we check the developed documents for accuracy and relevancy. Our services include:

  • Content Development
  • Editorial and Enhancement
  • Content Transformation
  • Design and Composition
  • E-books and new media creation
  • Data Analysis
  • QA services

Industry cover

English Language Teaching services

English Language Teaching services

English Language Teaching services

Our Process Flow

English Language Teaching services

To get started, you’ll have to connect with us and discuss the project. We’d require little inputs from your side such as project details, guidelines, and your requirements. You can also declare the deadline for the project.

Our team members will submit high-quality solutions much before the deadline. We value our customers so we are ready to make modifications until you are happy with the results. We offer top-class solutions at reasonable rates.