Instruction Manual Creation and revision services

Instruction Manual Creation and revision

We are living in a digital world where education is imparted to the students digitally. Instructors teach students by showing images, videos and slides pertaining to the concepts in the chapter. For this purpose, manuals are created that illustrates each concept in an interesting manner. The manuals contain requisite information that explains the underlying concepts appropriately.

About our service

We provide well-tailored instructor manual creation and revision services. We have a team of professionals who have proficient knowledge and years of experience in their respective fields. The experts work together and carry out thorough research prior to creating instructor manuals.

Our experts create informative instructor manuals and keep modifying and updating the existing manuals to give them a more professional and comprehensive touch. They ensure that the manuals carry appropriate information and synchronize well with the requirements of the clients.

The manuals are developed considering the ages of all learners, grade, and standard. Our team members take utmost care that not even a single concept is skipped in the manuals. The complicated concepts are explained in an exciting way so that it grabs the attention of the target audience.

Instruction Manual Creation and revision services

Types of Content

You can get lucid, illustrative, and informative manuals developed solely for instructors by using our services. We are also capable of providing instructor manual revision services and revisions to your existing manuals to make it more interesting and update it as per the latest changes in the curriculum.

Industries We Serve

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Retail training
  • IT training
  • Engineering training
  • Banking & Accounting training

How It Works

Instruction Manual

It’s pretty simple.

You just have to provide us with an overview of your project and the prescribed syllabus to get things going on the right track. Our experts will understand your requirements and ensure that the content is being created as per the specifications and guidelines. Our primary focus is to deliver prime quality content to our customers in the least possible time.