IWB E-learning services

IWB E-learning

Interactive White Boards (IWB) have taken the learning experience to the next level. Smart classes which are based on IWB applications are extensively being used in schools and colleges to train the students.

About our service

We provide modules and interactive content for IWB based applications such as Promethean, SMART Boards, and other platforms. Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge in different spheres. They create informative modules integrated with images, videos, and animations to enhance the learning experience.

We provide solutions that suffice to the needs of our clients. Our experts can illustrate even the most complex concepts in a comprehensive way. Our team applies personalized instructional design and graphics design strategies in order to make the IWB content engaging, appealing and information-laden.

We follow the guidelines, specifications and standard format provided by the clients. We also make sure that the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

IWB E-learning services

Types of services

We provide a plethora of IWB e-learning solutions to our clients. We also create interactive modules, user-friendly tools, applications and features that support IWB hardware and software.

  • IWB content development
  • Tool development
  • Application development
  • UI design

Industry cover

IWB E-learning services

IWB E-learning services

IWB E-learning services

Our Process Flow

IWB E-learning services

You can get interactive modules, tools, and features developed by our experts by placing an order with us. We will then discuss the project details with and offer the best solutions. Our team of experts will then develop the content and integrate appropriate videos, audios, and animations in the modules.

Our experts deliver the results within the deadline. After submission, you can review the content or even ask for modifications and we’re happy to help!