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When it comes to K 12 Content Providers in India and all over the world, many companies make great claims. However, everyone knows that only a few actually deliver. Lucky for you that Acadecraft exists. We provide quality K 12 Services worldwide and help companies have the best academic content in existence.

Acadecraft’s K 12 Services

Acadecraft is one of the finest K 12 Content Providers in the whole world. Our K 12 services are used by clients who look for excellent professionals to create curriculums, textbooks and academic content for K 12 services. Our K 12 services only work so well because we have the best professionals to get the job done. Our Subject Matter Experts and Content Analysts come together to work on projects assigned to us by our clients.

The clients come to us with variant demands and requirements, such as having the academic curriculum predetermined by Academic professionals, or having the entire content assessed using our Content Assessment Services. That is what happens when you’re a huge company with a long range of services helping other companies get their own services: You get a lot of work and responsibility!

At Acaderaft, we manage the clients and their expectations. Especially while distributing our K 12 Services, our professional team of K12 Content Providers makes sure that you get the best services possible. We care about the utility of our services as well, not merely the expectations of our clients. Hence, our K 12 Services.

However, at Acadecraft, we make sure that our massive responsibilities don’t get in your way of availing premium tier services. We have many team leaders and academic help providers who can work on your projects individually. Hire our Project Managers, and they will provide undivided attention to nothing but only your project.

What other services do you get from us?

Apart from K 12 Services, we provide many services ranging from Content Assessment to Content Localization services. Our services target companies with a specific need for Academic Content, such as commercial firms, E-services, digital education services, academic institutions, coaching centres, pre-schools, etc.

k 12 services

Here are some of our key services:

  • Content Development Services
  • Content Transformation Services
  • Q&A Services
  • Composition and Design Services
  • Content Research Services
  • Curriculum Development Services
  • Content Enhancement Services
  • Test Bank Creation Services
  • E-Books Creation Services
  • Publishing Services
  • Rights and Permission Services

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K 12 content providers

K 12 content providers

Our Process Flow

K 12 content providers

TPublishers can contact us directly and discuss the various packages available for them. We offer the best rates in the market. You can choose a package that best suits your budget and requirements. Our experts will then understand your requirement and create engaging content that follows the guidelines and caters to your audience. After submission, you have the right to accept the result or request for modifications.