Rights and permission services

Rights and Permission

Publishing is an intricate task especially if you have to deal with lumps of information in a single day. Apart from creating an eye-catching and engaging content, it is also essential that the text, images, videos inserted in the content should be free from copyrights.

About our service

We provide rights and permission services to the publishers whereby we take care of the usage rights of your content. We have an in-house team of experienced professionals who just know how to take care of rights and permissions pertaining to your content.

Our experts handle both text and image permissions and manage a plethora of assets. They carry out intensive research and provide right consultation regarding the content. We take care of acquisition and administration of permissions. Our editorial team enhances the text making it unique and devoid of any copyright tag. We use the state-of-the-art rights management system to provide best solutions.

Rights and permission services

Types of services

Our team members provide a comprehensive report of all the rights and permissions pertaining to your content and enhance it. Our offerings include

  • Data capture and tracking compliance to guidelines
  • Consultation and risk assessment
  • Research
  • Permissions

Industry Cover

Rights and permission services
Website content

Rights and permission services

Rights and permission services
Journals & newsletters

Rights and permission services

Our Process Flow

Rights and permission services

Interactive Content Creation

You can exploit our expertise by making an order with us. Check out our packages and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Explain your requirements and supply us with project details to get started.

Our team members will then provide their services and take care of your project as if it was ours. You can rest assured regarding the quality of your content once it is shared with us.