STM Publishers

STM Publishers

Scientific, Medical, and Technical or STM publishers need high-quality and informative content from time to time. We help all the STM publishers in developing top-notch quality content that can be accessed in whiteboards, smart classes, tablets, PC and other devices.

About our service

We have our in-house team of experts who deliver outstanding content within the timeframe. Our experts are acquainted with the industry standards and possess technical knowledge in spheres such as Science, Mathematics, Engineering and medical. All our team members are either postgraduate or Ph.D. degree holders. They utilize their knowledge and analyze market trends to develop a content of high-standards.

They can present the complex theories and concepts in a simple yet appealing way. Our members also have working knowledge of programming languages so they can even provide technical stuff with computing and programming theme.

STM Publishers

Types of services

We offer a plethora of services to STM publishers ranging from content development to its transformation. We create interactive content, e-books, media, illustrations, infographics and we can also convert the Flash content to usable HTML5 code.

  • Content Development
  • Content Enhancement and Editorial
  • Design and Composition
  • Content Transformation
  • E-book and Media
  • Data Analysis
  • QA services
  • Software development

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STM Publishers

STM Publishers

STM Publishers

STM Publishers

Our Process Flow

STM Publishers

All STM publishers can connect with us, share your project details and propose a deadline. We’ll then assign your task to domain experts. The experts will develop your content after thorough research and they’ll also update you on the status of the project. You’ll receive the content within the deadline. We are also ready to make infinite changes to make the content suitable for you.