Developing informative and engaging manuals for Textbook Rush

This is the age of digital education. The modern-day teachers make use of interactive content and educate the students by showing images, videos, infographics, and slides pertaining to different chapters. Traditional textbooks are replaced by digital e-books, chapters by modules and manuals that illustrate each concept in a fascinating style.


Textbook Rush is a company that is operating since 2002. It helps the students to get access to thousands of e-books at meager costs. It also provides book renting services.

The company wanted to expand its offering catalog and for this, it wanted several textbooks to be developed for students of engineering, science, arts, humanities, and management. They wanted cost-effective manuals to be created for textbooks that contain requisite information and explains the underlying concepts aptly in an appealing way. They wanted materials that were student-oriented and crafted in accordance with the accreditation standards.


We provide fully customized manual creation services. Our team members are professionals belonging to different verticals like engineering, management, science, medical, law and much more. They possess immense knowledge and years of experience in their respective fields. They study the market trends and work closely with other subject experts to develop fully-informative and illustrative content.

The knotty concepts are explained in an invigorating style so that it grabs the attention of the target audience. Our content aligns with the national standards and university’s standard. We can also develop content that aligns to a particular learning framework. The Textbook Rush team came to us with the desire to get high-quality and comprehensive content.


We created informative and technically-sound content for higher levels of studies. Our experts made sure that the manuals depicted appropriate information and synced well with clients’ needs. The manuals were developed by considering the grade/standard and level of technicality required. Our team members explained every single concept and created properly illustrative manuals.

We developed amazing content for the textbooks of engineering, medical, management, humanities, and arts for Textbook Rush. Our team members not just created an appealing content but they also delivered it in a jiffy keeping the quality intact.