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Acadecraft has been the part of E-learning services and knowledge management industry for more than a decade.

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Our Journey

The prime goal of our organization is to deliver high-quality content development services, which include assessment development, copyediting, curriculum development, typesetting, localization, online tutoring, and AR & VR services.Achieving this goal was impossible without having teams of qualified and skilled subject matter experts (SMEs), content writers, copyeditors, alt-text writers, proofreaders, online tutors, instructional designers, localization professionals, and assessment development experts.

It is an honor to have teams of experts, which enabled us to fetch up both onshore and offshore projects from clients based in USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Ireland and India. We are an ISO certified company with a headcount of over 350 employees. We provide round-the-clock uninterrupted e-learning services and solutions to our clients.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in E-learning services and knowledge management industry equip us to deliver a wide variety of services to national and international clients. Also, our services have been crafted in a way to assist clients accomplish their business objectives effortlessly. It is an honour to have teams of experts. The expert teams at Acadecraft keep implementing new technologies and innovative ideas to improvise quality and expedite project deliveries.

Our Highlights

Acadecraft refines the content to unexemplified extents and rids it of all error.

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On-Time Delivery

Applying driven delivery approach to avoid latency

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Partner with clients

Partner with us to gain true ROI

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Complete Transparency

Honest and true to stakeholders, clients, employees, and vendors

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Trust and Teamwork

High performance with collaborative deliverables

Proofreading copy editing services
Exceptional Quality

Team of experts and specialists exceeding the expectations

Semantic Analysis copyediting service
Cost-effective Delivery Solutions

Planning, creating and using modern methods to expedite production

Why Acadecraft is involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Acadecraft believes in honest-efforts and teamwork. Both the values cannot be restricted to avenue. An organization is established to add value to a country’s economy and society. Acadecraft being an e-learning service provider put its efforts in improving society in some or the other way. Our endeavours include encouraging child welfare programs, running training and education programs, educating people with basic computer knowledge, running health and hygiene awareness campaign, funding non-profitable government organizations and implementing environmentally friendly policies in the workplace.

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

for employee Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

For Employees

Employees prefer working for an organization, which has a good public image, gets positive reviews from media companies, and engaged in serving social responsibility being a profitable entity.

For Society Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

For Society

CSR is a process of finding and giving solutions to everyday issues existing in our society. It is the practical and conscious way to give back to society what we taken in from it.

For Businesses Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

For Businesses

An organization taking part in CSR provides a positive impact on the societal value and reputation among the competition and customers. It helps businesses being connected directly to single individual.

Supporting NGOs Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting NGOs

A corporate company funding to various non-profitable organization is one of the forms that deliver quick results in welfare of society and humanity. The funding can be made to domestic or international NGO’s.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

Since 2011, Acadecraft has been achieving a global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program where it has set off the real-time CSR projects within 24 hours across its worldwide offices. In 2015, the CSR Day program was long-drawn-out to a continual framework, with a concentrated goal of encouraging our primary urging for child welfare and education using modern day information technology.

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Our Efforts and Campaign

Some of the CSR projects slated for 2020 incorporate smart K12 and higher education classrooms and computer libraries for learners coming from underprivileged neighbourhoods.

We are arranging resourceful development and internet connectivity empowerment in beneficiary schools for learning subjects, training on IT literacy, imparting knowledge on environmental protection and preservation activities. Till date, Acadecraft’s CSR curriculum has successful generated 520,000 employee volunteer hours and brought a difference to the lives of at least 78,000 beneficiaries. Acadecraft is about to launch learning-based projects with a purpose of constructing awareness on IT training for an enhanced quality of life in 2020. Augmenting literacy and source of revenue workshops will run all through the year.

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