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About Our Higher Education Services

The vast use of the Internet and the increasingly widespread access to the latest technologies, over the USA, have become the main reason for the development of remote teaching services. In an effort to modernize the educational offer, higher education institutions have placed, in their programs of studies, different possibilities of teaching using “distance learning”. This trend is already very common in the world’s largest universities. The current approach to teaching is also a response to the offer of leading universities of the world and thus the search for competitive advantage in the international educational market.

Teaching in the form of e-learning is a modern supplement, and sometimes even an alternative to traditional education. It allows learning at a high level, available anywhere and at any time. Use of specially prepared original teaching material such as syllabus, lectures, interactive exercises, instructional videos, and many other multimedia contents that make distance learning, become elective and are also in line with expectations of students.

Types of Higher Education Services:

We adhere to guidelines of educational authorities while developing or re-creating content for any subject, competitive examination, or study books for higher schools, colleges or universities.

NGSS & STEM higher education assessment development services

Assessment of content development program is a resourceful work that necessitates experience, inspection, and expertise on the subject. Our subject matter experts expand content judging the learners’ maturity following their age group. This facilitates the students to take hold of the topics, information, or chapters effortlessly.

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Educational Content Development

Content development is a resourceful and shared work with Subject Matter Experts to give relevant, accurate, and subjective content. With the support of Subject Matter Experts, our content development team creates higher education, E-learning, and higher education content taking into consideration students’ maturity following their age group. This facilitates the students to take hold of topics, information, or chapters fluently.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Services
Copy Editing

Copyediting is a serious business. Acadecraft, which the leading top-notch copy editing services provider in India providing reviews based, correct, legible, free from error, regular, and non-repetitive copies to its patrons. Even if, it is a requirement of journal copyediting, higher books copy editing, children copy editing or higher education copyediting; our copy editors guarantee that content offered is distinctive and highly informative.

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Type Setting

Accelerating the creation processes by put into practice by applying innovative solutions, which assist in keeping the production costs low. Hiring composition-typesetting services by clients engaged in publishing of K12 books, higher educational books, eBooks, trade books, B2B publications, digital magazines, etc are able to get various other benefits from typesetting services.

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Curriculum Development Services

The higher education curriculum development services are a primary division of every school, college, institute, or any business that train or educate their employees. An appropriately formulated curriculum helps in going further on with training expansion in a synchronized manner. For such a job, self-reliance is irrational with no investment in actual knowledge with curriculum development services.

Item Banking Assessment Development Services
Student Teacher Manual Services

Higher education student manual development services are a basic section in higher education. The higher education system includes schools, colleges, academic institutions, and business training centers. A precisely created student or teacher manual assists in captivating on with training development in an organized manner.

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Acadecraft considers e-learning solutions are an essential part of educational system. Our team redesigns the learning programs utilizing technologies and innovative e-learning channels. We widen e-learning experience across varied audiences.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services

K12 Schools

Acadecraft is one of the credited higher content development companies in India; which brings E learning solutions to higher schools and higher educational institutions such as colleges and universities in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

Colleges Universities higher education assessment development services


We assist educational institutions of all sizes to choose, develop, and put into practice E learning solutions to endorse learning through digital education. Our content providers write for various user groups.

Industrial Training item writing service provider company

Industrial Training

Acadecraft offers full scale E learning consulting, content development service, and content designing solutions to its clients. We tune-in content anchored in E learning software platforms utilized by a variety of industrial training hubs.

process Assessment Development Services

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow guarantees that E learners discover better ideas, in-depth information, and easy to appreciate content to total their diverse program.

To achieve that, our team appreciates the obligations of our customers, then recognizes the areas of development or creation, opting for classification the set of courses, developing applicable content for the subject, text and designs it; and in conclusion, moving to assessment development services for worth analyzing and publishing. To be specific, we comprehend, recognize, build-up, manuscript, plan, and assess for QC.

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