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Accessibility of content delivered through digital media –be it for facilitating learning, information dissemination for entertainment or business needs, and digital interaction –has become a huge imperative in providing inclusive content. Organizations across industries and sectors in the USA today place a high emphasis on creating inclusive experiences for audiences of all abilities, as today’s population are increasingly choosing digital touchpoints as their primary means of interaction.

As the digital economy now connects businesses and their respective customers across continents and users of all types of abilities, inclusive content is a sure way to reach every potential user. Offering accessible content will not only improve audience reach but will also build a brand’s value in addition to compliance with legal requirements as of various countries.

Types of Accessibility Services:

We chase guidelines of educational authorities while developing any content for accessibility audit services.

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Accessibility Audit

Accessibility audit in content development is a creative and interesting work that necessitates experience, observation, and skill on the subject. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) professionals build up content believing the readers’ development following their age groups. This facilitates the learners to seize the topics, information, or chapters effortlessly.

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Alt Text

ALT-text or alternative text writing is a construction of writing that provisions an alternative method of transmitting the series provided by an image to the readers who cannot inexorably see an image owing to diverse reasons. It connects defining and describing selected images, counting photographs, diagrams, infographics, graphs, charts.

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Accessibility Testing

The differently-abled inhabitants are increasing. This incorporates individuals with visual, hearing, cognitive, and other impairments. Accessibility testing is significant to standardize ease to access content and related educational products. Accessibility testing ensures to bring more market share and better alignment with legal conditions keeping users ahead. The updates to compliances are regular, systematic, and comprehensive.

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PDF Accessibility Remediation

Various accessibility remediation standards are necessitated to electronic documents such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft office document (Doc), and PowerPoint presentation (PPT) or making accessible to individuals with disabilities. An accessible PDF adheres to the same standard in comparison to other doc files.

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Video Lectures

We are specialized in video accessibility projects. Our accessible video lectures services consist of manual and software solutions to carry flawless services. A decade of knowledge and proven processes and technology have given us opportunities to supply numerous customers and associations in accordance with their commitments. We have the aptitude to produce high volume video to transform quick digital assets and to arrive at compliance.

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Explainer Video

65% of the total world population is now dependent on videos. People can consume a lot of information at one go with the help of explainer videos. The awareness stage promotes your products and services to create brand awareness among the audiences. We at Acadecraft possess highly specialized experts who are capable enough in the production of meaningful explainer videos.

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EPUB Conversion Services

EPUB 3.0 services or ePUB conversions are used for converting any source format such as PDF, Quark, RTF, InDesign, MS Word, XML, HTML, or 3B2 into a digital eBook or publication. This helps in making the content easily read on any electronic device with a compatible interpretation application. We offer ePUB conversion services to every publisher. ePUB 3.0 conversion service is in demand as it helps wide-ranging readers to admit its contents on almost any device.

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Acadecraft provides e-learning solutions along with accessibility to the educational system. Our team has the capacity to reshapes the learning programs making them much interesting for the readers.

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K12 Schools

Acadecraft is one of the recognized K12 content development companies in India delivering accessible content for all age groups of students studying in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and Singapore.

Colleges Universities Accessibility Services


We assist educational institutions by making their content much accessible for all types of courses to promote learning through digital education.

Industrial Training Accessibility services

Industrial Training

Acadecraft offers full-scale E-learning accessibility consultation, design, and content development solutions for all clients. We tune-in content to make it readable, error-free, and comprehensive.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow guarantees that E-learners discover better ideas, in-depth facts, and easy to understand topics to accomplish their diverse education requirements. To achieve that, our team understands the needs of our customers, identify the target audiences or prospective markets, tune-in the content towards making it accessible, and finally, move to the quality analyzing and publishing department. To be precise, we understand, select, create, make it interesting, design, and publish.

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