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Connecting real and unreal world using interactive figures, sensory information, and simulations
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Use Cases

It is an era of digital education. E-learning services have established as the fruitful medium of learning and training academic sector. The respective augmentations of the learning modules have raised a need for introducing AR & VR services to serve the students and industry better. Educational institutions have hoisted a command to get hold of an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to give our students, and teachers with real-life simulations to have a better learning experience.

To produce unmatched AR and VR services, the providers need to get equipped with experienced developers having wide knowledge of the educational and training industry. They must possess in-depth knowledge and researched-based skills to develop apps for the industry.

About our AR & VR service

Acadecraft is a leading source in delivering AR & VR services to an enormous number of clients and companies at an international stage. Our AR & VR service designers and content developers collaborate to develop AR & VR services, which are flawless. We deliver AR & VR services loaded with futuristic vision and execution.

The demand for digital AR & VR services is developing. Acadecraft has the skilled team to deliver AR VR service touching all verticals available in the industry. AR and VR service is trending and it has great scope in the future. Acadecraft is a pioneer in AR & VR services that deliver various applications for educational institutions and training hubs.

Types of AR & VR services

Our goal is to develop AR & VR Services to make lessons and courses easy to understand, self-explanatory, informative and quick to realize for the students

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Educational Apps

Acadecraft produces functional, suitable, and highly effectual educational apps for K12 schools, colleges, universities and training institutes. Besides this, applications deliver optimum learning experience to the students and tenders great value for money. We expand performance-based learning purposes as per the compatibility of devices, and learning comforts.

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Medical & Engineering Simulation Apps

Acadecraft, being the AR & VR services provider in India creates simulation apps for medical and engineering subjects. The simulation apps have helpful and resourceful instructional design, standardized layouts, effortless to understand interactive modules attached with 3D graphics and animations. It is a cost-effective E-learning solution.

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Content Development

Acadecraft provides content development services to enable educational institutions to find interactive e-learning solutions for their subjects, topics, and courses. Acadecraft is an AR VR service provider in India delivering its services to countries like UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and UAE.

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Visual Storyboard Development

Acadecraft provides visual storyboard development solutions as the main feature in AR & VR services. Our skillful professionals develop visual storyboard without compromising its essence, outlook, and information. The team delivers visual storyboard development solutions in accordance with background and context.

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3D Graphics & Animations

Acadecraft has a skilled team of expert professionals providing 3D graphics and animations services to our clients. Our 3D graphics and animations expert professionals are specialized in doing extensive research and rigorous hard work for completing 3D graphics and animations projects. Our AR & VR services are available at affordable prices.

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AR & VR Apps Development

Acadecraft has the fleet of mobile software development teams that create apps according to the business needs and target audiences. We provide cost-effective AR & VR apps development solutions that meet all verticals in the industry. Our team develop AR & VR apps for educational institutes and industrial sectors.

Industry cover

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Acadecraft is one of the recognized AR & VR Services service providers for IT houses to support their training sectors. Our services assist IT training institutions to put into exercise the E-learning solutions through digital media.

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E learning

Acadecraft provides AR & VR Services to K12 schools, colleges and educational institution content development companies in India. Our team is skilled in reshaping the learning programs in accordance with subjects and course requirements.

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Acadecraft caters full-cycle AR & VR services, apps development, and E-learning solutions to its clients. We offer content based-on E-learning software platforms equipped to be utilized on a variety of industrial training hubs.

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Acadecraft is one of the reputed AR & VR Services development providers in India; which helps publishing associations by delivering flawless and exact content based in the UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Ireland, and UAE.

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Our Process Flow

Acadecraft is a veteran AR and VR service provider in the industry. We have served various clients belonging to different industries such as education, training, manufacturing, aviation, marketing, and the list goes on. Also, we have been able to develop skilled teams for various segments.

Skill, experience and an updated team with long association with us have made us deliver AR and VR services at cost-effective deals to our valuable clients. Come and adapt our services to multi-fold your profits this quarter.

Our process flow includes understanding clients’ requirements thoroughly, which also include specifications, prerequisites, and other project-related audio or video materials that clients’ are supposed to provide our team. We select our skilled men for the projects, decide the cost-effective solutions, and project length.

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