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Key Issues

The K12 curriculum demands a wide variety of both direct and higher order thinking skills questions with varying question formats across all subjects and grades. It is difficult to find a team of experts who are equipped with subject matter knowledge as well as an understanding of common core standards and other classification frameworks for learning objectives.Even some highly knowledgeable subject experts are not equipped with writing skills required for developing assessments across all grades. Also, for clients based in different time zones, maintaining a delivery and a meeting schedule can be a hassle.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

The Acadecraft team consists of Subject Matter Experts specialized in different disciplines, and also grade levels such as Primary, Elementary, Upper Elementary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. All SMEs are well-versed with DOK levels, common core standards and Bloom’s taxonomy, and thus, can create both direct and HOTs questions representing all DOK and Bloom’s levels. All departments are also supported by respective quality analysts, editors and graphic designers who help achieve optimum and timely results. Moreover, our services are available 24/7 so the content can be managed across different time zones.

Quality Assurance

Our team consists of Quality Analysts (QA) who are specialized in different disciplines, from Microbiology to Economics to ELA. Each assessment question developed by a SME undergoes quality checking and plagiarism scanning by the specialized QA before being delivered to the client. Due to the extensive experience of our QAs in the industry, our quality-check process is meticulous and highly efficient. The QAs ensure that the questions are-

  • original and free of plagiarism
  • adheres to the client guidelines
  • maps to learning objectives, standards, framework and metadata
  • relevant to the topic and factually correct is free of basic language errors and in the correct format
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Method of Assessment Development

We strictly adhere to the guidelines prescribed by our diverse clients while developing assessments. Thus, we are experienced with mapping the questions to a variety of academic standards as well as metadata, such as-

img 3 Subject Matter Experts
  • DOK level
  • Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Common Core Standards
  • NGSS assessment development
  • National Health Standards
  • National Science Standards
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Standards
  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level for passage
  • Lexile for readability
  • Global Scale of English (GSE)
  • National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) standards for ELA

Types of Assessment

We customise the assessment items based on the educational framework given in the client guidelines for the development or re-development of assessment items for any subject or grade level. We are experienced in all question types, such as-

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Multiple-Choice Questions

We can customise the multiple-choice questions based on any required format such as filling the gaps, pairing, tables, graphs, or any other stimulation across all subjects and grade levels. All questions are mapped to required standards and metadata tags. The questions are developed without giving away the answer in the question stem or distractors.

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Short Answer Questions

Short answer type questions are often added to assessments to increase the test validity and reliability. We can develop text-based, picture-based, graph-based, table-based or diagram-based short-answer type questions which can be answered directly. The questions are developed keeping in mind the specificity of the length and the scope of answers.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service
Talent Assessment & Development

We at Acadecraft go for effective talent assessment to strengthen our clients’ projects.Our online assessment development services team opts for careful talent evaluations, which result in increasing the productivity, saving cost and retaining top employees with the organizations. Our team of experts is industrious and strong-willed. Our Talent Assessment services never seize to bring about the right outcomes.

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Constructed Response Questions (CRQ)

We can develop questions with a standard set of appropriate rubrics, representing all levels of Bloom's taxonomy associated with Higher Order Thinking Skills. These levels include Applying, Analysing, Creating and Evaluating of questions. Such questions enhance students’ problem solving and critical thinking by the application of skills such as comparing and contrasting, drawing conclusions, categorizing, and synthesizing information to real life scenarios.

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Performance Task Questions

We can develop questions that can challenge students to apply their high-order thinking skills to complete a task in real life. Such questions are a great tool to evaluate the practical skills of students. The performance-based questions developed by us are mapped to the prescribed performance criteria for different tasks.

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Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

We like to stay updated with the latest trends in the E-learning industry and thus, we are experienced in creating and tagging technologically enhanced items directly on the client’s digital platform, using the available tools. Some of the technologically enhanced items include cloze with drag & drop/ drop down, classification, match list, order list and token highlight.

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Evidence Based Response

We can develop questions that can challenge students to support their answers with evidence from the text. Such questions may have more than one right answer to provide students with a wide range of key details about the text to enhance their understanding when answering such a question.

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Subject Integrated

Due to the need to certain curriculum, we have also gained experience in developing questions of a discipline integrated with another discipline. Such questions enhance the students’ ability to apply their knowledge to a wider range of scenarios.

Our K12 Clients

We are one of the best k-12 assessment companies delivering assessment development services to our prestigious clients from reputed enterprises, universities, and schools. Our team of k-12 assessments solutions provider is experienced with working on a variety of projects allotted by our diverse clients.

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We believe in staying updated with the latest trends in education and so we have a tight grasp over e-learning solutions. We are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms for the development of interactive items aligned with relevant metadata. We being an assessment company aim to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audiences.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services

K12 Schools

We are one of the most reputed K12 content development companies, which delivers NGSS assessment development solutions to K12 schools in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore. Our assessments are in strict adherence to the school’s curriculum framework and the prescribed blueprint.

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Apart from developing new assessment items, we being one of the best online assessment companies also have diverse question banks with items that have received expert feedback and have been declared reliable and valid. Such question banks are proven to be highly effective for the preparation of competitive exams.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners find better concepts, in-depth knowledge, and easy-to-understand content to ace their curriculum.

We first understand the requirements of our clients, then identify the areas of development. We then document the required efforts and design the template/blueprint accordingly before developing relevant content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy of information and language.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing and assessing.

To be precise, we understand, identify, develop, document, design, and assess for QC.

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