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We are an accomplished company providing e-learning translation services for businesses based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and UAE.
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Key Issues

Translation enables businesses to reach a larger audience by overcoming the language barriers for effective communication. It is essential for businesses to understand the significance of translation services in the global industry. Translation plays a huge role in creating a base for localization of a business in various countries around the world.

Translators, today, need to read between the lines in the content and translate the feelings and emotions along with the words on the page. Most professional translators fail to understand the intention, voice tone, and the requirements in the notes, documents or audios. We deliver translation services depending on the medium of delivery. Professional translators should interpret and comprehend both the source and native languages of the target audience and take cultural concepts into consideration while translating along with the written words.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experienced translators who efficiently translate in any language and in accordance with clients’ requirements. Our expert translators exchange both, the words and the connotation of a message, using accurate grammar, pauses and syntax, into the target language. Our translators are certified in multiple languages and understand the complexity of those languages. Our translators are proficient in understanding as well as restructuring content in multiple languages. Be it translation of documents, scripts, books, or any media content we ensure that it incorporates the local tone, pattern, and error-free communication. We take contextual and cultural aspects into consideration. We translate the content to reach the target audience better to enhance the visibility and productivity of businesses.

Types of Translation Services

We have the best translation experts in multiple languages and we deliver quality translation services. We do all types of translation services like -

Legal Translation Services Translation Services
Legal Translation Services

Our language subject matter experts have the expertise in translating legal documents with utmost precision.

Media Translation Services Language Translation Services
Literary Translation Services

Literary translation by Acadecraft included translating stories, novels, poems, and plays. We translate the meaning and context of the text from the source language into the target language along with incorporating the relevant cultural nuances, translating humor, feelings, emotions, and subtle elements depending on the text. We translate content in such a way that captures the nuance of the text and conveys its uniqueness

Corporate Translation Services Translation Services
Software Localization Services

Software localization services, at Acadecraft, aim at making the software product and services available for the global audiences in multiple countries.Through these services we make the user interface better. We help businesses in incorporating the content of multiple languages and make it available on their website, leaving it on the users to choose the language of the website. We translate error messages, system messages, help files along with the content. We adapt the content needs that suit the target culture.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Commercial Translation Services

Our translators possess the specialized skills necessary for commercial translation, like understanding of multiple technical jargons, and the complexity of the industry. We efficiently translate various content for businesses including business correspondence, reports, tender documents, company accounts, memos, etc. Sometimes, this could overlap with legal translation if the company handles legal paperwork.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Legal Translation Services

Acadecraft delivers accurate Legal translation services. We translate content including birth certificates, marriage certificates, contracts, agreements, treaties, memorandums, wills, etc. We translate it in a manner that the target audience easily grasps the text. We gain familiarity with the cultures of legal environments and are highly skilled at translation. We have a team of lawyers to consult with to ensure that the translation is completely error-free.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Technical Translation Services

Our experts translate technical content like user guides, manuals, online help text, instruction booklets, training materials and videos, and marketing material for technical fields. We accurately format the content along with the translation. We use Content Management System (CMS) and Translation Management System (TMS) to automate project tasks and bring down costs. We pay special attention to terminology and jargon used in industries. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Medical Translation Services

We deliver translation services for patient related content, like labels, packaging, instructions, or software, and product related content, like research papers, clinical trial paperwork, quality management certificates etc. Our multilingual medical translators are experienced and have the essential knowledge. They are familiar with the complexities of various medical content requirements. We have the ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certification.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Website Translation Services

Acadecraft provides translation services for websites, subtitles for videos on web pages, and e-documents. We work on details and change every element of the content including currencies, address formats and layouts, to address the target audiences. Our translators use Website Translation Management System (WTMS) to automate and make the process of translating websites easier.

Our Clients

E learning Translation Services


Acadecraft produces accurate translated content without actually changing the meaning of the content. We deliver precise and flawlessly designed e-learning translation solutions. We deliver deep meaning of the content and effective translations for better understanding

K12 Schools Colleges Language Translation Services


Acadecraft is one of the most reputed translation services providers in the world. We assist educational institutions in translating content accurately in various languages, through our effective translation services.

Publishing Translation Services


Acadecraft, an affordable translation services provider, provides accurate translation services to various regional and international industrial institutions and media houses. We help businesses to improve their brand name through our translation services

process Translation Services

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to translate documents into multiple languages for businesses to help users gain access to the best content. We help businesses break the language barrier in achieving their business goals.

We first, understand the target audiences, then discover the regional language requirements. Next, we translate and conduct a deep analysis so that flow of native language is maintained without a change in the meaning. Then, our language experts analyze and authenticate the words, sentences and structural flow so that translation comes alive as native and original.

In brief, it can be said that the 5 steps of our workflow include- understanding, discovering, translating, conducting, and analyzing.

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