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Acadecraft's in-house teams of skilled Copy Editors render your content free of all errors.
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Content development is a skillful, researched-based and passionate work of writers. But, copy editing is a serious business. Acadecraft is among the top-notch copy editing services providers in India delivering reviews based, accurate, readable, free from error, consistent, and non-repetitive copies to its clients.

Whether, it is journal copyediting, K12 books copy editing, children copy editing; our copy editors ensure that content provided is unique and highly informative. The copy editors make sure content is meaningful, has relevant information, offer smooth reading without line breaks or undefined paragraphs along with no repetition.

About our copy editing service

Acadecraft is one of the leading K12 copy editing services providers in USA. We take the provision of our journal copy editing services to the clients very seriously. Our content is known for having well constructed, qualitative and error free annotations.

Our subject copy editing services incorporate skilled copy editors editing K12 books, publishing tutorials, content for K12 education, and children books for past one decades.

Types of copyediting services

Acadecraft refines the content to unexemplified extents and rids it of all error.

Substantive Editing Copye diting Services
Substantive Editing

In substantive editing in subject copy editing services consider a document's notion and intended use, content, association, design, and style. The intention is to make the document practical for its readers, not just to create it correct and consistent. Substantive editing is almost completely analysis-based, whether at the text stage or at the paragraph, sentence, or word level. Pronouncements necessitate judgment, not just the submission of rules, and therefore should be flexible with the writer. Contrast this work with STM copyediting service, most of which is rules-based and apprehension with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style and the internal constancy of facts and production. Copy editing teams spotlights on subjects such as overall formation of the publication, logical presentation, information accuracy, table of contents, internal headings, index, etc. Substantive editing may engage restructuring or rewriting part or all of a text. A related edit is the language edit, which is concerned with how ideas are stated.

Content Editing k12 Copy editing service
Content Editing

Content editing services include substantive editing, comprehensive editing, macro editing, and heavy editing. These all forms of copy editing is used for evaluating the overall formatting, style, and content of a document. The recommended processes help in optimizing visual design and comprehensibility. Content editing process frequently requires alteration based on metaphorical questions related to effortlessness of understanding and functionality. Content editing is focused on the general theoretical intent, content, business, and writing style of the text in deliberation. Content editing can need effort past that of basic copyediting. It can be time overwhelming; it necessitates the entire content to be conceptually edited, requiring a range of broader than that of exact diction or syntax. This could mean reorganize sections or reform the content as a whole. Effectual content editing can permit a confusing content to be more clear and precise, and easier to read. Content edits not only permit an enhancement in readability, but visual appeal as well.

Proofreading copy editing services

Professional proofreading service is the process of checking the content for factual, context-based truths. The basic goal of every proofreader is to ensure the validity and presentation of the content. Apart from it, professional proofreading services necessitate the proofreader to research and exercise other sources for confirming the authenticity of the referenced material in the copy. The accountability of a proofreader is to preserve the accuracy of the content; we at Acadecraft Inc. make sure that our professional proofreading services continue the highest level of quality and accuracy in our content. Our clients deserve the best services achievable, and that is only potential solution through the collective effort of all our professionals at Acadecraft Inc. There are many responsibilities, which the process of making professional proofreading services holds. These are the content at large before editing the shorter chunks of it. Understanding what is factually or contextually correct or incorrect. Therefore, proofreaders need to have critical thinking abilities.

Semantic Analysis copyediting service
Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysis is the procedure of concerning syntactic organizations, from the levels of clauses, sentences, phrases, and paragraphs. This include to the level of the writing as a whole, to their language self-governing meanings. It also engages removing features precise to educational contexts, to the degree that such a project is probable. Semantics contracts with word or sentence alternative in any given background, while pragmatics believes the unique or exacting meaning derived from context or tone. Semantics is about generally coded meaning, and pragmatics, the connotation encoded in words that is then interpreted by viewers. Semantic analysis necessitates an understanding of lexical pecking order, including synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. It also narrates to notions like connotation and collocation, which is the exacting combination of words that can be or often are surrounding a single word. This can comprise of idioms, metaphor, and simile.

Industry cover

E learning Copye diting Services


Acadecraft considers e-learning solutions are a basic component of educational system. Our copy editors’ team brightens up the learning agendas using technologies and latest e-learning channels. We enlarge e-learning experience across diverse addressees.

Publishing k12 Copy editing service


Acadecraft is one of the reputed K12 copy editing services providers in UK; which assists publishing companies by delivering flawless and accurate content to the clients based in the USA, India, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

Business Media Magazines & Journals copy editing services

Business, Media (Magazines & Journals)

We are providing journal copyediting, K12 education copy editing, and children copy editing services to all sized institutions, and media houses. In addition, our proofreading services can turn a good content into a great one.

Content writing industry copyediting service

Content writing industry

Acadecraft provides full-cycle content writing services, which includes structuring, consistence, eliminating discrepancies, rewriting, etc. Being the one of the leading subject copy editing services providers in Australia, we provide cost effective copy editing solutions to our clients.

process Copye diting Services

Process Flow

Our process flow involves three-stage copy-editing services.

Level 1 copyediting service
The first level includes substantive editing. This form of editing counters all forms of errors, which influence the presentation.

Level 2 copyediting service
The second level includes content editing. This form of editing ensures that the content follows the 5 C's of copyediting (that is Concise, Clear, Consistent, Correct and Complete).

Level 3 copyediting service
The third level includes proofreading. In this level, the content is scanned for all sorts of mistakes like punctuation, grammatical, organizational, and factual. This method renders the content absolutely free of all flaws.

To be precise, our process follow comprised of Level 1 copyediting service, Level 2 copyediting service, and Level 3 copyediting service.

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