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We are a resourceful company delivering multilingual voice-over services online for businesses based in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE
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Key Issues

Voice-acting or delivering voice-over services requires good voice actors who can make the content come to life. It is essential for voice-over service providers to choose optimum voice quality and style for the content. Speech is an essential part of a soundtrack and finding the right voice actor for a role, comes as a challenge.

Finding a voice that fits the role of the content creates a huge impact on the listeners. Voice-over service providers should ensure that the voice actors are well-trained, understand the functionality of the role they are performing, get the tone right, pause where needed, and portray their emotions through their voice. It is essential for voice actors to understand the significance of a message, the target audience and the business’s requirements. Communication is never just about establishing an understanding, but also about conveying feelings and being credible. It is very important that the right voice matches the production and appeals to the listeners.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of multilingual voice over experts who not only deliver the written words but also the connotations and the emotions attached to them. We have a team of native mother-tongue professionals delivering a perfect combination of accurate voice and accent in the required language. Our voice actors possess years of experience and understand the complex aspects of the roles they perform. They imply creativity and precision in delivering voice-over services. Our voice actors are able to stir emotions among the listeners through their voice. We deliver cross-cultural communication by recording and editing voice-overs in the native language as demanded by businesses. We deliver voice over in all languages and handpick the right talent, as the content requires, to offer the selective and extensive voice casting. Our voice actors ensure to maintain the ideal pitch, tone, and rhythm. We deliver finished audio files that are thoroughly tested for voice and quality recordings. We use high-end technology in delivering voice over services. Our team delivers voice-over files in any required format.

Types of voice-over services

Acadecraft, with a team of experienced voice artists, delivers accurate voice-over services aligning with characters and content

Commercial Voice Voice Over Service Providers
Commercial Voice-Overs

Acadecraft delivers proficient commercial voice-over services for marketing and advertising purposes. Our voice actors understand the importance of commercial message deliveries. They focus on the message being conveyed rather than the character. We understand the message to be delivered and convey it as per the requirements of the businesses.

Narration Voice Voice over Services
Animation Voice-Overs

Acadecraft delivers innovative and creative voice-over services for animated video content. Our voice actors modify their voices as per the requirement of the content. We work towards bringing the characters to life and portraying their emotions accurately to appease children. We ensure to deliver consistent voice-over services for animated videos.

Audio Messages Voice over Service
Audiobooks Voice-overs

As technology advances, audiobooks have become increasingly popular among readers. We deliver interactive audiobook voice-over services by improvising momentum, tone, pitch as well as other voice factors to keep the listener interested. Our voice actors enunciate when required and are clear and concise.

Corporate Messages Voice Over Service Providers
Corporate and Educational Voice-Overs

Acadecraft is an e-learning platform that delivers professional voice-over services. We deliver voice-over services for various corporate and educational videos like Training materials, human resources videos, university course videos, explainer videos, learning modules, etc. Our voice actors keep a professional tone and take fewer risks.

Corporate Messages Voice Over Service Providers
Narration Voice-Overs

Acadecraft delivers narration voice-overs for academic, corporate as well as entertainment content. Narrations delivered by our voice actors are well-researched and are written with extreme precision. Our narrations are descriptive, informational and well-explained for listeners to understand complexities easily.

Industry Cover

E learning Voice over Services

Educational Institutes

Acadecraft provides voice-overs for various teaching modules for educational institutions such as K12 schools, colleges, training centres, and universities. We ensure to deliver accuracy, precision, and emotions in the native language through voice-overs.

Entertainment Voice Over Service Providers


Acadecraft is a leading voice-over services provider in the entertainment industry. We deliver clear and character-based voice-overs for film and other entertainment units. We cater to national and international clients and deliver voice-over services in multiple languages.

Corporate sector Voice over Service

Corporate sector

Acadecraft provides voice-overs for training modules and other virtual content for the corporate sector. We deliver professional and detailed subtitles for lectures and tutorials for corporate companies in multiple languages to serve businesses around the globe.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners grasp the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and understand video content easily through our voice-over services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and watch the video content, then translate and adapt the script accurately as per the target audience. We then select an experienced and fit voice-over actor for the role. Next, we record and edit the dialogues with a natural flow, pace, pitch and speech. Next, we mix the audio and ensure screen-syncing. Finally, our voice-over analysts and editors assess the quality of the work.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, translating, selecting, recording, mixing, and assessing.

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