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Key Issues

Gamification is one of the most important strategies for designing e-learning solutions. It is a simple concept, which when employed effectively, can yield productive results. Gamification incorporates various gaming elements like points, levels, leaderboards within non-game contexts like e-learning and motivates, develops a sense of competition, and enhances the productivity of the learners.

Gamification design strategists should understand the issue well to deliver gamification solutions. It is very essential for them to know what concepts can work well with gamification and which ones cannot. Gamification designers fail to deliver effective services by making the content loaded or too complex for learners to comprehend. Gamification should be smartly employed for heavy concepts otherwise the learners lose track and the games become redundant and boring. Gamification should motivate the learners to learn while they make progress in their game, and not solely play or solely learn. There should be an efficient balance between playing and learning. It is essential for gamification designers to understand that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and gamification strategies should be employed differently on different situations.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of efficient and experienced gamification design strategists who design customized gamification strategies depending upon the enterprise and its goals. We tie the gamification process with the learning objectives of an organization. Our experts identify success factors of strategies and incentivize the right behaviours among learners. We design game mechanics to engage a specific audience. Gamification strategies designed by us account for the differences in learners’ personalities. We design effective gamification in e-learning to enhance learners’ engagement, improve their skills, and optimize their learning. Instead of presenting straight facts and data, we employ a game-based problem-solving approach for effective learning. We use stories with user embedded plots to make e-learning interesting, retaining, interactive and engaging. The main objective of our Gamification strategies is to improve the learners’ experience by refining the goals of the learners and creating accessible and actionable goals and feedback mechanism.

Types of Gamification Services

Acadecraft attempts to incorporate gamification elements that make activities and modules engaging, motivating or educational into the learning experiences. We include engaging elements like Stories, Visual Designs, Competitions, Challenges, Rewards, and Feedbacks.

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Achievement Badges

Acadecraft believes in rewarding learners with achievement badges, after every milestone they cross in the training, motivates them to learn more so they can “win” more. We introduce an element of competition by employing virtual rewards and badges. We give the user enough time to think and respond, and the badges add a layer of competition. The learning journey with us involves two objectives: to score a lot of points and to win badges.

Gamification in education company
Leader Boards

Acadecraft has a team of expert gamification designers who understand that humans are easier to motivate when they face competition. We pierce through learners’ desire to compete and win against other learners, by incorporating a leader board that ranks course participants. We design Learning Management Systems (LMS) to simulate competition by allowing learners to compete against a digital character to finish a task or to beat a score.

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Gamification designers at Acadecraft, believe that role-playing is an excellent aspect of gamification that can be employed in training regarding decision making, negotiations, and procedures. We employ role-playing techniques to allow the learners to practice and test knowledge in a controlled environment that replicates real-life situations. We employ these techniques while designing a wide array of concepts and training modules.

Gamification in education company

Acadecraft designs tactical games and simulations to efficiently help the learners in honing and verifying their strategic thinking abilities. We employ a wide range of these games in gamification strategies for training the learners. We design tactical games ranging from an easy strategy game to a complex one with a real-world environment, like a certification course that requires the marketing professionals to design and execute a long-term business strategy.

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Platform Game

In platform games by Acadecraft, the learners try to solve and get through from one end of a board to another while removing obstacles to win. Our platform games are loved by learners, but we design them wisely for e-learning so that the learners can react positively to a skill-based game, irrelevant to the training topic. The element of platform games is employed by Acadecraft to track learners’ progress or implement relaxing breakers in a course.

Best Gamification in education
Content Gamification

In content gamification, experts at Acadecraft, alter the learning content and make it seem more game-like by employing elements like challenges, storytelling, feedback loops etc without actually transforming the training into a game. We use this method to enhance the engagement of the learners with the material without developing an elaborate game for training and keep the content at the front of the learning process. This helps un in engaging and encouraging the learners to continue learning.

Our Clients

Online Gamification in education in USA


Acadecraft delivers e-learning Gamification services to educational institutions and business enterprises to meet the learning objectives and business goals respectively by confronting the learners with real-life problems.

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Acadecraft is one of the recognized e-learning Gamification service providers for the educational sector. We deliver Gamification e-learning strategies aligning with the curriculum framework and learning objectives.

Gamification in education company


Acadecraft delivers interactive Gamification services to business enterprises and offers informative and engaging training to enhance the productivity of the learners. We offer game-based e-learning solutions to be employed on a variety of industrial training hubs.

Online Gamification in education USA

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners find better concepts, in-depth knowledge, and easy-to-understand content using gamification.

We first understand the requirements of the organization and identify the audience clearly. We then define the context for gamification ideas. Next, we design and develop gamification skills into game designing and test modules on the real audience for a reality check. Finally, our gamification strategists implement game-based training after assessing the content.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, identifying, defining, designing and developing, testing and implementing.

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