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Delivering subject-specific curriculum development services online based on client’s requirements.

We are an elementary curriculum development services online providing company serving our clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE.
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Key Issues

Curriculum development is an essential part of imparting higher education. Curriculums are a base of academic learning and practical experiences in higher education. The process of developing curriculum entails defining a sequence of imparting knowledge and learning objectives for the students. Mostly, the teachers and curriculum planners fail to effectively plan semesters as per the specifics that are intrinsic to the course.

It is tough to find freelance curriculum developers who are aware of the pedagogy revolving around various concept fields. Institutions find it extremely difficult to identify and create learning objectives for distinct courses and align a curriculum around them.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft, a curriculum development company, has an efficient team of curriculum planners who adhere to the guidelines provided by universities and design a professional education curriculum framework for specific courses. We are the best curriculum development companies and have a team of innovative and out-of-the-box thinking curriculum designers. We have a team of experienced curriculum designers who organize and design curriculum from scratch. We plan a curriculum for every semester for the courses that different universities offer. Our lesson planners indulge in innovative ways to impart education.

Types Of Curriculum Development Services

We define the sequence of imparting education along with defining learning objectives for higher education courses. We are the best among all curriculum development companies. We provide curriculum development services online such as:

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Subject-Centered Curriculum Design Services

Our curriculum designers meticulously develop instructor guides and training modules covering all the topics intrinsic to the academic course. We are the best curriculum development companies design modules that are filled with innovative videos, interactive infographics, and other forms of content in a way that captivates the students. Subject-centered curriculum design revolves around developing a curriculum for a specific subject matter or course. Our lesson planners are experienced and equipped to design a curriculum for a wide variety of intrinsic university subjects. Our subject-oriented curriculum design that caters to the need of the clients and the source. We deliver a predetermined catalog of topics or chapters to the teachers that they use to train the student. We adhere to the requirements of the universities to devise a subject-specific curriculum for students covering multiple aspects of a course.

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Learner-Centered Curriculum Design Services

We provide accurately devised syllabus and lesson plans to the teachers, so they can efficiently conduct their daily lectures by referring to the plans. We map the content of the courses according to the requirements of the university and course in order to gain uniformity in teaching. The learner-centered curriculum pays attention to the learning objectives and imparts knowledge taking the course level into deliberation. We recognize the course level of the learners and regulate the curriculum according to the client’s requirements. Our learner-centered curriculum is devised to empower beginners and permit them to develop their learning through innovative lessons. We design instructional diagrams to give participants the chance to decide assignments, learning knowledge, or activities. Our team of curriculum designers develops differentiated training by finding materials that are favorable to every student’s learning objectives.

Our Higher Education Clients

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We believe in staying updated with the latest trends in higher education and so we have a tight grasp over e-learning solutions. We are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms for the development of an innovative curriculum to meet the learning objectives of the courses in higher education. We aim to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audiences.

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We are one of the most reputed higher education curriculum development companies, which delivers curriculum development solutions to higher education institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore. Our curriculum is designed with strict adherence to the guidelines by the university and keeping the learning objectives of the course in mind.

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While designing a curriculum we pay special attention to the sequence in which education would be imparted. Acadcraft, one of the most reputed curriculum development companies, develops a curriculum from scratch and plan semesters for courses as per university guidelines. Our lesson planners keep in mind the flow of learning while developing the curriculum.

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Process Flow

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners in higher education find better concepts, in-depth knowledge, and easy-to-understand content to ace their curriculum.

We first, Assess the needs of our clients, then develop a rationale according to the course of the students. We then design the goals to be achieved through the curriculum. Next, we design the learning objectives including the methods of imparting knowledge as well as evaluation strategies. Then, we develop a plan to manage and implement teaching strategies. At last, we Review the curriculum and revise it.

Our major goal is to design a curriculum meeting the needs of the client as well as the learning objectives of a grade.

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