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Overcoming language barriers

We are a professional dubbing service provider for businesses based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and UAE.
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Key Issues

Viewers do not prefer to watch video content that is not available in their native language. Dubbing plays a huge role in imparting concepts, ideas, emotions, or information in convenient languages for the viewers. Dubbing services help businesses in localization around the globe and reach new consumers by breaking language barriers.

Dubbing services should effectively deliver international content in the native languages of the target audience. Dubbing artists should have immense experience in the field to proficiently dub videos by accurately conveying emotions with the right tone, momentum, pitch, pace, and accent. Dubbing artists should be clear in communication to reach a larger audience and boost brand awareness.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft offers the widest variety of dubbing services, cautiously crafted by our specialist dubbing artists, who can dub in ample of languages. Acadecraft has an in-house team of voice-over artists and technical subject matter experts who pay attention to the tone, language, punctuation, pitch, pace, synchronization, and consistency while dubbing. Our multilingual dubbing experts are skilled in making content accessible to the target audience by effectively dubbing it in native languages. In this age of the internet, we intend to reach people across geographical boundaries and help businesses in localization by dubbing content in multiple languages. We do not just translate the content but also consider the context and emotions that are to be portrayed in the target language. Our writing and dubbing experts together create and work on delivering flawless dubbing services.

Types Of Dubbing Services

We, at Acadecraft, are not restricted to distributing audio dubbing services only. Acadecraft is delivering a wide range of services such as content localization, translation, interpretation, and transcription services as well.

Phrase Sync Audio Dubbing Dubbing Services
Phrase Sync Audio Dubbing

Acadecraft delivers phrase sync audio services for e-learning tutorials and corporate presentations by paying special attention to the original video timing. We carefully match the dubbing with the video taking one phrase at a time as phrase-syncing does not require mirroring the lip movements of the on-screen characters. Our dubbing artists time their speech with the characters.

Voice Over Audio Dubbing Audio Dubbing Services
Lip Sync Audio Dubbing

Acadecraft has proficient dubbing experts who can sync the lip movements, vocal speed, tone, and personality of the on-screen characters in a way that the original and dubbed audios easily sync together. Our dubbing team and scripting experts ensure that the on-screen personalities look like they are originally speaking the target language. For this, we adapt the translation to match the length of the original dialogues and the mouth movements of the characters.

Entertainment Audio Dubbing Dubbing Service
Voiceover Audio Dubbing

MVoiceover dubbing, by Acadecraft, adds narration of the target language in the original content, without removing the original voice. We provide high-quality voice-over dubbing services for radio, TV reports, features, and documentaries while keeping the originality and emotions of the original characters intact. Our team of dubbing experts ensures that in voiceover audio dubbing, the characters can also be heard in the backdrop so that it is clear to the audience that the translated voice acts as an interpretation of what is originally being said.

Musical or Aural Audio Dubbing Audio Dubbing Service
Timed Audio Dubbing

Acadecraft provides professional timed audio dubbing services delivering narration wherever it is required within a certain time limitation, like for a certain number of minutes and seconds. Our team carefully creates the translated scripts and the audio is then integrated complementing different segments of the video like pictures, animation, and other elements. We are highly skilled in ensuring the exact amount of time for the delivery of dubbing services and design our scripts accordingly.

Our Clients

Entertainment Industry Dubbing Services

Entertainment Industry

Acadecraft is a leading dubbing services provider in the entertainment industry. We deliver accurate and character-based dubbing services for films and other entertainment units. We cater to national and international clients and deliver dubbing services in multiple languages.

Audio and Video broadcasting companies Audio Dubbing Services

Audio and Video messages

Acadecraft is the most trusted dubbing source for the clients and vendors in the broadcasting industry. We deliver audio and video messages for trains, buses, stations, and other announcements in multiple languages.

Educational Institutions Dubbing Service

Educational Institutions

Acadecraft provides dubbing services for various teaching modules and educational institutions such as K12 schools, colleges, training centers, and universities. We ensure to deliver accurate, precise, and factually correct data in the native language through dubbing.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners grasp the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and understand video content easily through our dubbing services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and collect the video content, then translate the script accurately into the target language. We then select an experienced and appropriate dubbing actor for the role. Next, we record and edit the dialogues ensuring a natural flow, pace, pitch, and articulation. Next, we mix the audio taking care of the volume level and other syncing elements. Finally, our dubbing analysts and experts assess the quality of the dubbed file.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, translating, selecting, recording, mixing, and assessing.

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