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Use Cases

EPUB 3.0 services or ePUB conversions are used for converting any source format such as PDF, Quark, RTF, InDesign, MS Word, XML, HTML, or 3B2 into a digital eBook or publication. This helps in making the content easily read on any electronic device with a compatible interpretation application. ePUB is a standard and open format, it preserves to offer your business with the power to exchange and make use of information transform between software and hardware.
ePUB conversion services offer electronic publication solutions for over a decade to writers, libraries, universities, and publishers. Whether users require a book to ePUB conversion, book to eBook conversion, or any form of ePUB conversion, the service providers need to have the capability, skillset, and the infrastructure to meet varied client needs.

About our EPUB Conversion services

We offer ePUB conversion services to every publisher. ePUB 3.0 conversion service is in demand as it helps wide-ranging readers to admittance its contents on almost any device. There are technological progressions every now and then and we ensure that we meet the escalating requirements by creating e-books integrated with sophisticated technologies.
Our team members comprise of subject matter experts, innovative individuals, designers, and e-book creators. Our team put their efforts s together to expand informative, interactive and user-friendly e-books. We perform stringent checks to make certain that the pages are displayed correctly across all devices.

Types of EPUB Conversion services

We give scholarly EPUB conversion services in almost every bit of disciplines such as engineering, medical, finance, law, social science, etc. We even produce both fiction and non-fiction e-books in accordance with our clients. Our ePUBs are well-matched with iPad, smartphones such as Galaxy Note, iPhone, Kindle, and tablets.

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E learning PUB Conversion Services


Acadecraft believes that ePUB is a basic tool behind e-learning solutions. Our team brightens up the learning agendas using latest ePUB conversion channels.

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Acadecraft is one of the reputed ePub conversion providers in USA; which assists publishing companies by converting accurate content in accordance to their satisfaction.

Industrial Training PUB Conversion Services

Industrial Training

We are providing ePub conversion services to all sized institutions, and media houses. Acadecraft is reputed ePUB conversion service provider in India.

Literature EPUB conversion


Acadecraft provides full-scale ePUB conversion service to the clients. Being one of the leading ePub conversion services, we provide cost-effective ePUB conversion solutions to our clients.

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How It Works

The publishers can get in touch with us directly with their ePUB 3.0 conversion requirement details. We will provide our clients with the cost-effective ePUB conversion services. Our domain subject matter experts will then take up the project and generate EPUB 3 that synchronizes well with clients' ePUB conversion requirements.

We are extremely scrupulous about deadline and quality of the ePUB. Clients will obtain the content within the deadline. Clients can then review the submissions and can yet ask for revisions if required.

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