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Key Issues

Closed captions enhance the accessibility of a video by not only capturing dialogues but also the other relevant parts of a soundtrack, like describing background noises, phones ringing, and all the audio cues that need to be described. Closed captioning goes a step ahead by assuming that an audience is unable to hear the audio and needs text descriptions of what they could otherwise hear.

Caption writers fail to understand the importance of detailed yet precise closed caption. Closed captioning services providers should give a visual aid to videos by inserting subtitles, integrating transcribed text from dialogue and sounds as and when they happen. It is important for experts to understand that closed captioning is not necessarily for those with hearing impairments, they are for all and should make the viewers feel inclusive while consuming a set of content. It should also provide clarification and contextual details of dialogues in a video. Closed captions, if written and employed well, can enhance the viability, reach, and accessibility of the content. Closed captions should be written in a way that helps the users in perceiving the content as real as they can.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of skilled closed captioners delivering quality captioning services and for businesses. We pay special attention to trivial details like the accuracy of word choice while describing acoustics, precision in translation, length of texts, coordinating the timing of captions with dialogues, etc, and hence we place extreme importance on achieving the highest quality of closed captioning. We design captions in a way that helps the viewers in understanding dialogues even though they do not hear the actors. Our caption writers acknowledge elements like timing, punctuation, iteration, tone, and the general emotionality of the actors before designing captions. Our captioning services are designed to establish better communication among the video and the viewer. We design captions in a way that every message, dialogue, and reasoning is clear and accurate to the viewers. We lay emphasis on building accessibility of a video by designing easy to understand and simple captions. Our motive is to make all users, irrespective of hearing aid, consume the content equally, and feel like they are perceiving reality. Our expert caption writers deliver services for real-time and prerecorded videos.

Methods of closed captioning

Acadecraft believes in making establishing inclusive behavior among enterprises. Our closed captioning services can be done in the following ways:

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Re-speakers at Acadcraft listen to audio from a video and ‘re-speak’ it, repeating what they hear, into a voice recognition software. We ensure the text is inclusive of proper punctuation, correct grammar, and all formatting instructions. The computer then ‘translates’ the spoken word into the text as seen on-screen. Our experts are simultaneously considering positioning, language, preciseness, and more. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the captions are clear, accurate, and accessible for all viewers, with as short a delay as possible and without distracting them much from what is going on on-screen.

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Stenographers at Acadecraft are trained to use special shorthand keyboards to type real-time dialogues. They are experienced to quickly work under high-pressure situations. With the specially-adapted keyboards, our stenographers spell out complete syllables or words with a single keystroke. To do so, they memorize thousands of different key combinations essential to produce various different words in their dictionaries. Our stenographers keep in mind, line positioning, speaker changes, etc. Our stenographers can go on typing for hours by themselves.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft, being one of the best closed captioning services provider companies, delivers market-oriented closed captioning services and evaluates the videos to write better captions and increase user engagement.

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Acadecraft, being one of the most reputed closed captioning services, works in alignment with technological developments and fulfills the requirement of businesses by closed captioning for videos with an understanding of various marketing programs as per the guidelines mentioned.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft being a pioneer in accessibility closed captioning, comprehends the technologically developed closed captioning tools and assesses videos for writing accessible and understandable captions.

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Being a leading provider of closed captioning services, Acadecraft offers flawless closed captioning services that include assessing videos and providing accurate captions. We develop closed captioning services for videos as per the instructions.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners understand the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and access video content easily through our captioning services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and gather the video content, then transcribe the content accurately along with the acoustics. We then create a time-coded script from the transcription. Next, we translate the script, if required, incorporating all audio elements of a video. Our editors proofread the captions to ensure that there are no literal translations, word errors, typos, punctuation errors, or any Syntax errors. Next, we embed the captions in the videos. Finally, our captioning quality analysts and editors assess the alignment and the captions for accuracy.

In brief, it can be said that the 7 steps of our workflow include- understanding, transcribing, creating, translating, proofreading, embedding, and assessing.

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