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Offering full-scale proofreading, facts checking, eBook testing, rights & permission services to our clients
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Quality check incorporates the scrutinizing of actual content quality, determining errors in a given content, distinguishing rights & permissions copyright issues from manuals or online handouts. Good editors, fleet of SMEs, and reliable software applications are the tools used for checking quality of content. The process requires content editing, copyediting, proofreading, and facts checking. Along with it, measuring the rights & permissions length needs to consider at conclusion. A team with an eagle eye is deployed for scanning word-to-word and copy-to-copy processing in content quality check services.

About our Quality Check service

Acadecraft provides quality check content services to its overseas clients. Our team ensures that, we deliver valuable content, explanatory content, and well-formatted writing pieces by following content guidelines while submitting error free content to our clients.
In general, our team checks for the necessity of the content, search for accuracy of facts, alter the images, format the lines and paragraph, and provide perfect typesetting configuration. Grammar checks, correcting spelling, and avoiding any plagiarism are the basic quality checks that our team finishes at initial levels. Apart from all these checking criteria, it is mandatory to follow the editorial and commercial guidelines. Any violation with rights and permissions of any content may create a dispute between publishers and providers. We have our legal representatives and legal subject matter experts who ensure for content integrity and honesty in quality check services.

Types of Quality Check services

We follow guidelines and procedures mandate by educational authorities while checking quality of content.

Professional Proofreading Services K12 Quality Check Services Provider
Professional Proofreading Services

Professional proofreading services include the process of inspecting content for factual, context-based facts. The basic purpose of every proofreader is to make certain the validity and presentation of the written piece. Apart from it, Professional proofreading services necessitate the proofreaders to explore and utilize other sources for confirming the legitimacy of the referenced material in the copy. This is vital, as the content provided must be factual and reliable.

Online Fact Checking Quality Check Services
Online Fact-Checking

Fact checking is a procedure includes expansion of impeccable content, creating faultless logical correctness, and development of the flow of process supported by 100% logical and factual data. Our team is skilled to figure out the strength of the facts utilized in a given text. Fact checking guides the content to clearness and points out factual errors. It is a crucial process, which discovers its application in areas of science, media, business intelligence and training, accounting and finance, and Information Technology.

E book Testing Quality Check Services Provider
E-book Testing

Acadecraft provides E-book testing services to our international clients. Our eBook testing services test content, compatibility, and layout in terms of devices and its interface. We have an in-house team of skilful analysts, researchers, and QA auditors applying requisite modifications to make content appropriate, factual and user-friendly. The quality checks are processed stringently based on different quality parameters. We make certain that the pages of e-book hold true information well matched with multiple devices.

Rights and Permission K12 Quality Check Services Provider
Rights and Permission

We provide rights & permissions services to our publishing companies. Our skilled legal expert professionals handle both text, representation permissions, and run a plethora of assets. They perform rigorous research and offer right consultation concerning to the content. We ensure of gaining and administration of consents. Our editorial team improves the text making it sole and devoid of any copyright tag. We utilize the up to date rights management system to offer best solutions to our clients.

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E learning Website Content Quality Check Services

E-learning/Website Content

Acadecraft considers e-learning solutions as an integral part of K12 educational system. We provide full-scale content quality checking services to our clients from content authentication to consistence, and from grammar checks to confirming rights & permission alignment.

K12 Higher Education Quality Check Services Provider

K12/Higher Education

We assist educational institutions by enhancing their digital education relevance. Our content quality checking services ensure that content has factual integrity, compliment the latest discoveries, equips no data error or formatting issues, and ensures that it has designing effectively for user engagement purposes.

Journals & Newsletter K12 Quality Check Services Provider

Journals & Newsletter

Acadecraft is one of the reputed quality check content development companies in India delivering flawless and accurate content to its clients. We are providing journal and newsletter quality checking services to all sized institutions, and media houses. In addition, our services can turn a good content into a great one that equips correctness, facts, impressive formatting and flawless readability.

Research Literature Quality Check Services


Acadecraft being one of the content quality services providers delivering market-oriented content developed after thorough research. To increase the user engagement with literature materials or books, clients can select our quality check services to offer flawless, relevant, interesting, descriptive and incredible content to their readers. Entire researched-based content is crossed check for facts and accuracy before publishing.

process Quality Check Services Provider

How It Works

We have dedicated team for quality checks. The team comprises of content editors, professional proofreading experts, copyeditors, facts checkers, research-analyzing specialists, and professional having background in law and legal services managing rights & permissions of your content.

Our proficient team refine and enhance the content and deliver within the deadline. If your content comprises of ample of facts, figures and statistical data, then opting for quality check services becomes mandatory to keep your business protected from legal and content copyright issues.

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