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Our E-Learning Services and Solutions

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K12 Service Provider

Acadecraft is engaged in designing, developing, editing, and assessing optimized content for K12 educational institutions and publishing houses.

Higher Level Education

Acadecraft creates or modifies content for higher-grade education. Our content development team is empowered with SMEs, copyeditors, and proofreaders.

Corporate Learning

Acadecraft provides skill-based training programs and develops content for various academic subjects, technologies, and customized topics suggested by our corporate clients.

Our Resources

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We provide cost-effective subject matter experts. They write, research, develop, and assess. Our Subject Matter Experts have in-depth knowledge of subjects such as physics, Biology, K12 courses, etc.

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Instructional Designer

Instructional designers at Acadecraft have proven experience in the field. The experience of our instructional designers includes designing various types of eBooks, subject books, and a variety of layout designing.

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Online Tutors

Our cost-effective online tutors provide text, video, audio, and whiteboard online tutoring services to clients. Online tutors are accessible 24/7. They have imparted knowledge and education over 300 subjects.

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Alt text Writers

At Acadecraft, ALT-text service is accessible across all regulations. Our ALT-text writers can inscribe ALT-texts for any type of image, irrespective of its type or difficulty level. We possess full-fledged knowledge..

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Trending Model Services

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Acadecraft's localization services are the result of wide research and concentrated hard efforts of our experts to design services to meet clients’ expectations.

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Tutoring Support

We have dedicated teams of online tutors imparting training over 300 subjects and have trained more than 1000 students till date.

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Test Prep Content

Acadecraft creates test paper that comprises of basic to advanced and researched based questions for all higher education subjects, IT courses, and other industry entrance subjects.

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Acadecraft offers various types of assessment development services for analyzing academic content, talent recognition, academic examinations, and even working on Psychometric analyses.

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Alt text

We provide Alt text writers and Alt text writing services for journals and academic institutions. Our Alt-text writing is utilized in maintaining manuals and textbooks for the visually impaired and individuals with other learning disabilities.

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Learning Solutions

Acadecraft provides E-learning solutions to K12 schools, educational institutions like colleges and universities. It also provides technology and other E-learning services for corporate employers.

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