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    Certified under (ISO 9001:2015), (ISO 27001:2013) & (ISO 17100:2015)

  • Certified under (ISO 9001:2015), (ISO 27001:2013) & (ISO 17100:2015)

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Some of our most commonly used Academic services include:


K12 Service Provider

Acadecraft is a leading K12 service provider across many countries. Our digital eLearning solutions experts create highly informative and easily comprehensible content according.

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Acadecraft provide its users various services from E-book conversion to rapid E-Learning solutions. Our content is created to accommodate your needs and help your business grow.

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Higher Level Education

With the help of leading technology and our subject matter experts, we create up-to-date easily accessible content. With such serves, your business will grow faster.

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Corporate Learning

We have established ourselves as the leading digital content and E Learning solutions service provider for years. Our team of experienced Content Developers delivers amazing services.

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Acadecraft For You

Our years of amenity has generated:

24 yrs of content services

  • Enormous E Content Service to many corporate & academic elearning services
  • Every customer left satisfied.
  • Delivered E-Content and Academic Services to our clientele successfully over the years.
  • Still connected with customers we began our business with.

many global top 50 clientele

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In depth understanding of digital poweress

  • Strong business ties with multiple countries.
  • Serving huge corporations from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.
  • Branches in every country we serve in.
  • Served millions of pages worth E-content to our clients.
1500 strong highly skilled workforce
  • Highly competent and diverse workers
  • Dedicated and excellent at their jobs
  • Fantastic individuals socially
  • Bilingual workers to communicate with culturally variant sets of audiences and clientele.


We excel at delivering astounding services in terms of:


Acadecraft’s Content Assessment eLearning Services add a lot of scrutiny to the world of academic content. Since our customers want content that is both well written and logically sound, it is our job to analyze the eLearning services.

Acadecraft offers many sorts of Assessment Development Services for academic examinations, talent recognition, analyzing academic content and even working on Psychometric Analyses. This wide range of services is what makes Acadecraft unique.

Our Assessment Development solutions are impeccable. They don’t leave out any possibilities for error to pass beyond the lines of scrutiny.

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Our team of experts at Acadecraft believes that Accessibility is an imperative when it comes to designing our services. The process of making our services more and more accessible and user friendly benefits both the customer, and us, simply because the easier the comprehension is for our customers, the more they will understand from our eLearning services, and the more they will use them.

All of our content is accessible by the targeted audiences. Our writers are masters of articulation. Their language skills are impeccable, and hence they shape the content in a captivating way.

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Localization / Translating / Subtitling

Our Localization/Translating/Subtitling services work to fulfill the requirements of our clients. Our Subtitle Writers understand the very valid gap which exists between Localization and Translation. All these services move to transpose between the responsibilities of Localizing, Translating or simply subtitling a video file.

If you need Localized content, with respect to the country’s culture, language, religious and political ideologies, you can rely on us. Our Subtitle Writers use their awareness and critical thinking skills all the time to understand the underlying context behind the task.

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