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Use Cases

Various accessibility remediation standards are necessitated to electronic documents such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft office document (Doc), and powerpoint presentation (ppt) or making accessible to individuals with disabilities. Acadecraft can assist organizations quickly and effortlessly bring large document collections into observance with applicable standards. An accessible PDF adheres to the same standard in compared to other doc files. The mandatory requirements are to provide user-friendly comprehension to the reader, listeners, or viewers. A tag structure within the document stands for its visual and structural components. While PDFs are the most often used doc, therefore, the accessibility remediation services include files like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

About our remediation services

What makes our accessibility remediation services reliable? We are specialized in document remediation and complex projects. Our PDF accessibility remediation services include manual and software solutions to deliver excellent remediation services.
A decade of experience and proven processes and technology have given us opportunities to serve numerous customers and organizations in accordance with their requirements. We have the capacity to produce high volume Doc remediation capacity to fast transform digital assets, and reach compliance.

Types of remediation services

Identifying and fixing PDF accessibility remediation services
Identifying and fixing

Acadecraft has an expert team of professionals experienced in scanning, identifying, and fixing accessibility issues in document holdings. Furthermore, they review, verify and fix script functionality according to the content and project requirements.

Structuring and rewriting accessibility remediation
Structuring and rewriting

Acadecraft opts for in-depth reviewing of the file along with correcting the logical structure of the file. We thoroughly check and correct tables, which incorporates tagging/redesigning complex tables. Overseas clients have always appreciated our accessibility remediation services

Accessing Accessibility remediation services

Acadecraft not only provide reports on the accomplished documents provided by clients but also review and create alternative text if necessary. Furthermore, we opt for fixing content order to view and enhance use on mobile devices.

Functionality issues remediation services
Functionality issues

Acadecraft, being accessibility remediation services provider ensure reviewing form elements and address accessibility issues. Furthermore, we opt for testing each document be it PDF, Doc, PPT etc with one or more tags-aware assistive technologies.

Industry cover

E learning PDF accessibility remediation


Acadecraft provides accessibility remediation services for E-learning education institutions such as K12 schools, higher education, and other educational institutions.

K12 Schools and Colleges doc remediation

K12 Schools and Colleges

Acadecraft is an excellent source for providing PDF accessibility remediation services for students, who need extra support to learn the subjects.

Corporate training doc remediation service

Corporate training

Acadecraft cater Microsoft (document) doc remediation services to overseas clients. The remediation includes PowerPoint files, excel and word documents.

process PDF accessibility remediation services

How It Works

Acadecraft has very descriptive process flow in accessibility remediation services. We ask to email the files may be PowerPoint, excel, document, or PDF files for remediation. Our analysts access the files to know and about its structure, tables, columns, and various other technical things. Our prices are cost-effective and our remediation process adhered to industry guidelines, hence we assure for 100% guaranteed compliance.

Our team of experts remediates the files making compliant PDF documents. We deliver remediate files with a compliance report. To be precise, you email, we analysis, follow guidelines throughout the remediation process and deliver remediate files along with compliance report.

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