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We are a technologically advanced company utilizing rapid authoring tools to deliver e-learning solutions for businesses around the globe.
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Key Issues

Rapid e-learning comprises tighter deadlines, insufficient resources, ill-structured processes, and less time. Rapid e-learning experts have the ability to design immersive e-learning solutions using specialized pre-built e-learning authoring tools. Employing these tools makes it easier for developers to deliver rapid e-learning solutions but they also present unique challenges. Rapid authoring tools should be wisely used to deliver desired e-learning solutions.

Rapid authoring tools should be chosen keeping the training needs, learning objectives as well as the clients’ budget in mind. The best rapid authoring tools are the ones that have distinct inbuilt features that speed up the development process while easing the accommodation of instructional strategies. Although authoring tools are generally pre-programmed and offer a ready-to-use interface, manual rapid authors should examine and assess their viability to deliver accurate and appropriate solutions. Rapid authoring tools should be used as per the projects and the developers should have a deep knowledge of these tools to employ them effectively.

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Rapid Authoring at Acadecraft

Acadecraft employs easy to use rapid authoring tools that enable professionals to create simple quizzes, interactive e-learning sessions, and proficiency in developing a wide variety of e-learning courses with no trouble and rapidly. Rapid authoring tools are online e-training software that assists e-learners to create effective web-based training courses. These tools abolish the need for coding and multimedia skills. We check the viability of these tools and ensure using the right tool on every project. Our rapid authors work in alignment with authoring tools to ensure efficiency in content delivery. We use rapid authoring tools to develop performance-based learning objectives, provide content as per the compatibility of devices, and summarize learning products to increase learning comforts. Our rapid authors handle every assignment with an agile approach by using distinct authoring tools. Our strategically developed e-learning products save the time of learners in comparison to traditional methodologies.

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