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Delivering accessibility testing services by assessing how web content can be designed to support the needs of users with disabilities.

We are a team of expert accessibility consultants with a rich experience of accessibility testing with businesses around the globe.
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Use Cases

Accessibility testing is significant to standardize ease to access content and related e-learning products. Web accessibility is the exercise of integrating the content and facilitating easy access to the information available on the web by all users. It is essential for users to decode the content they consume and easily access it despite being differently-abled. In order to impart learning, the education industry and e-learning companies should work towards solving the accessibility issues.

Accessibility testing experts should have the ability to identify critical areas, evaluate the accessibility barriers, and enhance it for easy accessibility. It is imperative for consultants to have a deep understanding of accessibility standards and an overall knowledge of the target audience. Accessibility testing professionals should make the content equally accessible and understandable to every user.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experienced accessibility consultants who are skilled in identifying the accessibility barriers and delivering accessible web content for all. Our accessibility experts ensure that the content is equally interactive and engaging for each user. We use the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to help writers make the content more accessible to people with disabilities, to identify WCAG errors, and to facilitate the evaluation of web content. We conduct surveys to study the target audience and their consumption patterns to achieve a deeper understanding of the market. Our experts are well-researched and have a deep knowledge of accessibility standards, this helps them in testing the content and making it more accessible for the users.

We provide a detailed assessment of content to identify the improvements vital to achieving compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We deliver testing services in adherence to the global testing standards to evaluate whether web content qualifies to be accessible to users with disabilities. We are experts in Australian Accessible ICT Standard AS EN 301 549:2016 as well as ADA and Section 508 standards of the United States.

Types of testing Services

We deliver proficient accessibility testing services for businesses to test the content and enhance its ease of access.

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Automated Testing

Acadecraft delivers Automated-testing services that test the content of a webpage to understand whether user experience features are met in web content. We employ automated testing tools for ADA and Section 508 compliance (WCAG 2.1 AA), like WAVE, Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), WorldSpace, aXe, SortSite Accessibility Validator. Our experts are equipped with using the latest automated testing tools to assess accessibility. Our experts can accurately interpret the results of automated testing tools. Their years of experience enables them to identify false positive and negative results from the tools.

Comprehensive Accessibility Testing in USA
Manual Testing

Acadecraft offers Manual accessibility testing, conducted by an expert consultant, to personally test all possible barriers and false positives that automated testing tools fail to spot. Our experts possess the understanding of both, WCAG 2.1 and website code. We identify unique pages, sections and templates of a website and manually test them. Our manual accessibility testing process assesses what automated testing tends to overlook.

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Assistive Technology Testing

Assistive Technology Testing services by Acadecraft tests if the web content that appears to be accessible is, in reality, accessible for individuals with disabilities. We use the actual tools, like JAWS, ZOOM test, and Dragon Naturallyspeaking, used by people with disabilities to use the website in order to test the accessibility. We test every element in the content for differently-abled people. Our process stages involve the participation of users with disabilities and those using assistive technologies, this allows web content to be properly tested.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft, being one of the best accessibility testing services provider companies, delivers market-oriented testing services and assesses web content to enhance user engagement.

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Acadecraft, the best accessibility testing service, works in alignment with technological development and fulfills the requirements of businesses by testing the content for various marketing programs training.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft, being a premium accessibility testing service provider, comprehends the technologically advanced testing tools and evaluates the materials for training and skill upliftment purposes effectively.

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Acadecraft, being a leading accessibility testing service provider, delivers flawless testing services that include providing accessibility solutions. We examine different management programs.


How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures testing web training modules to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in their overall development.

We first, identify the basic requirements of enterprises, then review the content for finding accessibility and readability issues. We then assert the key findings from the content and finally deliver the solutions after quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the 4 steps of our workflow for accessibility testing include- identifying, reviewing, finding, and delivering the solution.

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