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Use Cases

The differently-abled inhabitants are increasing. This incorporates the individuals with visual, hearing, cognitive and other impairments. Making content (information) accessible to everyone has turn out to be the need of the day as technology intruding into newer domains and markets. Accessibility testing is significant to standardize ease to access content and related educational products.

About our Testing services

Acadecraft follow entire guidelines while developing and accessing the content. The standards are being leveraged to drive and build digitally inclusive e-learning solutions. Accessibility testing ensures to bring more market share and better alignment with legal conditions keeping users ahead. The updates to compliances are regular, systematic and comprehensive. Acadecraft is a one-stop-shop for all accessibility testing solutions.
The accessibility testing standards also give multiple acceptance criteria enabling flexibility in acceptance at varied paces based on a business’s accessibility ripeness as opposed to the one-size-fits-all model.

Types of Testing services

Acadecraft provides all types of accessibility services to its clients based in USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, and India

Competence Accessibility Service

Acadecraft provides services not just to fulfill the requirements but also to meet the end user's compassion. Inaccessibility testing, the educational content is portrayed to realistic levels of digital breadth.

Comprehensive Accessibility Testing

Our accessibility testing services are exclusive wherein we influence a paired testing approach for detailed areas of test the SMEs labor with the differently abled approach for complete accessibility test.

Combination Accessibility Testing  Services

Acadecraft provides the combination of manual and automated accessibility testing techniques to the clients. We have knowledge of accessibility testing with assistive tools for all platforms including desktop, web, and mobile.

End to end accessibility test Accessibility Service
End-to-end accessibility test

In the end, an accessibility testing report is generated for our clients along with a purpose to gauge the journey to digital inclusion. Such analytical and systematic driven testing gives us an end-to-end accessibility to focus on design and content readability.

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E learning Accessibility Testing


Acadecraft is one of the accessibility testing service providers delivering captivatingly accessibility testing to its clients.

IT Training Accessibility Testing  Services

IT Training

Acadecraft is one of the accessibility testing providers companies in UK delivering effectual IT training course syllabus after accessibility testing.

Industrial Training Accessibility Service

Industrial Training

Acadecraft delivers flawless accessibility testing solutions to help fresh graduates and professionals.

Schools Colleges Accessibility Testing


Acadecraft offers accessibility testing services for a variety of other subjects for K12, colleges, and universities.

process Accessibility Testing  Services

How It Works

The accessibility testing includes the design and development to incorporate strategic plans for schooling and higher education subjects. This includes the design of functioning of the messages and information using descriptive accessible solutions. The primary point of accessibility testing is to confirm that readers should be able to understand every detail provided in a content or image. It should be descriptive and user-friendly.

Accessibility testing means is a procedure of analyzing and approaching to casing the learning mediums for clarity. The main practice involves understanding, analyzing, planning, setting accessibility levels accordingly to the layout.

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