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Our platform services include cost-effective E-learning management system software, plan divestment, and risk management
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Use Cases

The nature of business is directly proportional to its number of competition. If a business has many competitors, then it is required to develop new strategies to maintain the consistency and position in the race. However, when it is about risk management, the organizations ignore the option of strengthening their positions. Most of the business domains assume that the vital thing in such circumstances of threat is to keep one afloat.

Another cost-effective solution is to adapt E-learning platform services. The skilled team of platform development and prevention experts work personally with your trade team to decide the best courses of action. If the circumstances go wrong towards breakdown, then our platform services providers will deliver assistance according to your needs and requirements. Our platform services authorize clients and businesses that make a decision to come our way.

About our platform service

Our platform services’ experts comprehend that any map, does not matter how scrupulously crafted, it must stand efficiently only if it is applicable to the present scenario as per the market trends. Hence, it is vital to train your employees to features their duties along with some tools and overhauls.

Our system designer professionals comprehend the nature of commerce and the nature of learners before finalizing the applications. After having developed the software, our learning-management system designers provide a short and detailed manual, which assists the users to navigate and discover the right way to enter the systems.

Types of platform services

Acadecraft provides a variety of platform services to its clients based in USA, UK, UAE, Ireland, Australia, India and Singapore

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Content tracking

Acadecraft delivers content tracking service to track interaction with an application or a web page. This service allows clients to track and gauge how often a specific ad displayed or clicked on your website.

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Acadecraft provide cloud computing learning management system to its clients. The cloud-hosted system tools comes with cost-efficient enhanced security features, accessibilities, and faster to deploy solutions. Corporate businesses houses are appreciating such services.

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Acadecraft is reputed E learning solutions provider in India. The team has skilled professionals who personalize the project by customizing content appearance, font sizes, colours, backgrounds, themes, audio, video, textual, graphical, etc.

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Updating the course material

Acadecraft assist clients to by updating the course materials and manuals in the benefit of clients. We update curriculum of course content for remote online classes, and develop apps for all disciplines and degrees.

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Content migration

Acadecraft provides content migration solutions to its clients. Our skilled team of professionals assist clients in migrating data stored on a web content management system (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), document management system (DMS), or flat HTML based system to a new system.

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Learning Management Systems

Acadecraft have developed revolutionary E learning management system (LMS) for administrating, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivering of educational courses, training or development programs. LMS is designed to recognize training and learning gaps by utilizing analytical data and reporting.

Industry cover

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Acadecraft delivers E-learning platform services to K12 schools, higher educational institutions, and companies engaged in content development services in India. Our team is reshaping E learning programs.

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Acadecraft is one of the recognized E-learning platform services providers for educational sector. We support all types of training institutions providing E learning solutions through digital media.

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Acadecraft caters full-cycle platform services the business domains involved in education, training, developing course content for subjects, etc. We proffer content based-on E learning software platforms equipped to be utilized on a variety of industrial training hubs.

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Our Process Flow

Acadecraft is a skilled company in platform services. We have provided a variety of services to the clients belong to diverse industries such as education, training, marketing, etc. Also, we have been talented to expand skilled teams for various segments.Clients provide the complete specification of the project along with specifying eligibility, availability, and prerequisites.

We set the team following the client's requirements; if require we opt for in-house training. We confirm the client about the matching resources and SLA expected from us. A project manager is assigned to control and manage the process and becoming a single point of contact for client’s queries.

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