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We are experienced live captioning service providers for the clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and UAE.
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Key Issues

Live captioning involves delivering real-time captions remotely to any screen. Live captioning grants accessibility and inclusion to all even people with disabilities. Captions are either displayed as full screen in real-time or embedded in presentations or videos.

Live captioning helps in overcoming the problem of delayed access to information by delivering real-time captions. Viewers get to access content equally and enjoy the thrill of live events. Live captioning should be accurate and requires special attention since the captions should be precise to what is going on the screen without any mistakes. Live captioners fail to achieve the accuracy in punctuations, spellings and grammar as they transform the speech into captions with a minimal delay. Live captioning should allow people with disabilities to fully understand the content in real-time. Live captioners should benefit all hearing participants in virtual meeting rooms and conferences in case of audio issues, non-native speakers, or technological issues. Live captioners should be precise and quick while designing captions. They should be careful about the language, translation, accuracy, emotions, spellings and grammar while they speak and assess captions.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experienced liver captioners who think and act quick along with achieving accuracy in their captions. Along with using the best technology we employ manual captioners to ensure accuracy of live captions. Our expert caption designers identify and correct any errors or misrecognition of wrong words and ensure that the technology is operating well and the captions are being written. They position the captions in a way that avoids covering speakers’ mouth, graphics or anything important for the viewer to see in real-time. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the captions are clear, accurate and accessible equally for all the viewers with as less delay as possible and we focus on not distracting the viewers too much from what is happening on the screen. Our live captioners are precise and place special importance on the accuracy of the captions. We enhance the accessibility of the content as well as improve user engagement with the content.

We develop live captions to improve the understanding of videos and presentations by the users, we comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We deliver conformance with the accessibility standards and follow them as per distinctive requirements. Our team is equipped with Australian Accessible ICT Standard AS EN 301 549:2016 as well as ADA and Section 508 standards of the United States.

Types of Live Captioning services

Acadecraft works towards delivering a wide range of live-captioning services. Our experts possess years of experience and deliver accuracy. A few of our live-captioning services are:

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Remote live captioning services

Captioners at Acadecraft stream live captions for lectures, seminars or meetings held over the internet directly to the devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones of the users. Our team is experienced in designing live captions for live streaming of events, meetings and the like. They work in coordination with technology to deliver accurate captions to serve the needs of people with disabilities.

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On-site live captioning services

Acadcraft has an experienced team of captioners who bring all the equipment required to caption off-line events. They are experienced to deliver on-site live captions. We also deliver live captions in multiple languages depending on the target audience. Our experts deliver accurate and precise on-site live captioning services to the viewers by utilizing their quick thinking abilities and understanding the target audience.

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Teleconference captioning services

Live captioners at Acadecraft have the required technical skills and quick-thinking ability to dial-in and stream live captions for telecons, webinars or Skype calls with barely a time delay. We help people around the world, connect with each other by overcoming the language barriers through our real-time captioning services. We help enterprises in enhancing accessibility and localizing their business by employing real-time captions.

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Electronic notetaking

Acadecraft has an efficient team of live captioners who deliver real-time electronic notetaking services in a brief form. We deliver ideal real-time captioning services for non-native speakers, sign language users or as minutes of the meeting. We deliver electronic notetaking services for businesses pertaining to their needs to facilitate the users and improve accessibility. Our motto is to deliver equal access to all users.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft being one of the best live captioning services provider companies delivers market-oriented live captioning services and evaluates videos to write accurate real-time captions and enhance user engagement.

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Acadecraft being one of the most reputed live captioning services works in alignment with technological developments and fulfils the requirement of businesses by delivering real-time captioning, understanding various marketing programs as per the guidelines mentioned.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft being a pioneer in accessibility live captioning, comprehends the technologically developed live captioning tools and technology and closely examining the content to deliver real-time accurate, accessible and understandable captions.

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Acadecraft being a leading live captioning service provides flawless live captioning services that include quickly interpreting the content and delivering accurate real-time captions. We develop live captioning services for events and videos as per clients’ instructions.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners understand the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and access video content quickly through our captioning services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and access the video content. Our captioners listen, analyse and summarise the content as a video/presentation progresses, paraphrase where necessary. Next, they speak into speech-to-text technology from memory to produce on-screen captions. They simultaneously assess and correct the content for errors to produce accurate real-time captions.

In brief, it can be said that the 5 steps of our workflow include- understanding; listening, analysing and summarizing; paraphrasing; speaking; assessing and correcting.

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