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Providing multilingual subtitling services tailored to communicate accurate meaning and nuances of dialogues

We are an experienced company providing manual subtitling services for clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and UAE
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Key Issues

The entertainment world, today, is moving beyond the barriers of language. The advancement of technology has enabled diversity in languages to no longer be an issue since there are multiple ways of passing information. Subtitling services should be able to enable thoughts into practicality and empower communication through effective translation services.

An efficient subtitling service is extremely essential to communicate accurate information to viewers. Subtitles should be created in a way that the audio information and the written text are synchronized. Subtitling service experts should be at par with the standards of the industry, the latest technology, and the regulations that need to be followed to maintain quality video standards. Subtitling services should not just depend on the auto-generated subtitles but should focus on designing manual subtitles to achieve the accuracy of the content and to deliver the exact meaning of the visual media. Subtitling services should work towards providing a viewer’s experience to the watchers while making them feel as if they are watching the content in their native language.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of skilled video subtitling services experts delivering quality subtitling services and solutions to businesses. We pay special attention to minor features like the accuracy of the translation, the length of the text, coordinating the subtitles with dialogues, etc, and hence we place importance on achieving the highest quality. We design subtitles in a way that helps the viewers understand on-screen dialogues even though they do not understand the language of the speakers. Our subtitle professionals consider elements like timing, punctuation, iteration, tone, and the general emotionality of the speaker severely before beginning to work on designing subtitles. Our subtitling services establish better communication between the content of the video and the viewer. We ensure that the user is soaked in the context of videos. We design subtitle services in a way that every information, dialogue, and reasoning is clear and accurate. We lay special emphasis on increasing accessibility of the content by creating easy to understand and simple subtitles.

Types Of Subtitling Services

We deliver optimum subtitling services to make the viewers feel comfortable while watching the content in their native language and understand it well.

Intralingual Subtitling Services Subtitling Services
Intralingual Subtitling Services

Acadecraft delivers Intralingual subtitling services by delivering a complete transcription of the soundtrack of a video in the same language as the original soundtrack. We deliver these services for recipients who suffer from hearing disability, are hard-of-hearing, or are the L2 learners. Our subtitle experts design precise and accurate intralingual subtitles. They properly understand the video and transcribe the video within the same language into a written text without making any changes to the subtitles. We ensure that the subtitles are in alignment with the dialogues.

Interlingual Subtitling Services Subtitle Service Providers
Interlingual Subtitling Services

Acadecraft delivers optimum Interlingual subtitling services by translating the video content from one language into another. Our multilingual subtitling professionals create accurate subtitles in diverse languages. We design subtitling services considering the tone, emotions, clarity as well as understandability of the video and ensure that it is accurately delivered to the viewers. We create interlingual subtitles in a way that makes the viewers feel like watching the content in their own language. We ensure that the subtitles are placed in alignment with the dialogues.

Subtitling Services for Movies Subtitling Services
Subtitling Services for Movies

Acadecraft provides subtitle translation services for all sorts of movies and TV shows in the native language.

Foreign Footage Subtitling Subtitle Service Providers
Foreign Footage Subtitling

Acadecraft delivers the subtitles in all languages possible.

Our Clients

K12 Schools Colleges Subtitling Services

Educational Institutes

Acadecraft provides subtitles for various teaching modules for educational institutions such as K12 schools, colleges, training centres, and universities. We ensure to deliver accuracy, precision, and emotions in the native language through subtitles.

Entertainment Subtitle Service Providers


Acadecraft is one of the best subtitling companies in the entertainment industry. We deliver easy to understand professional subtitling services for film, media, and other entertainment units. We a subtitling agency cater to national and international clients and deliver subtitling services in multiple languages.

Corporate sector Subtitling Services

Corporate sector

Acadecraft provides subtitles for training modules and other virtual content for the corporate sector. We being one of the best subtitle companies deliver clear and accurate subtitles for lectures and tutorials for corporate companies in multiple languages to serve businesses around the globe.

process Subtitling Services

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners understand the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and access video content easily through our subtitling services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and collect video content, then transcribe the content accurately. We then create a time-coded script from the transcript. Next, we translate the script into the native language incorporating all elements of a video. Our editors proofread the subtitles to ensure that there are no mistranslations, literal translations, spelling issues, typos, punctuation errors, syncing issues, or any Syntax errors. Next, we embed the subtitles in the videos. Finally, our subtitle quality analysts and editors assess the alignment and the content for accuracy.

In brief, it can be said that the 7 steps of our workflow include- understanding, transcribing, creating, translating, proofreading, embedding, and assessing.

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