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Acadecraft is a resourceful accessibility audit provider for educational institutions and corporate training academics.
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Use Cases

Accessibility audit in content development is a creative and interesting work that necessitates experience, observation, and skill on the subject. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) professionals build up content believing the readers’ development following their age groups. This facilitates the learners to seize the topics, information or chapters effortlessly.
Entire content is delivered using easy and uncomplicated language along with graphical presentation for improved understanding. Teams managing accessibility services comprised of designers, writers, SMEs, and quality analysts. They grant relevant, helpful, and interesting content for all topics.

About our Audit services

We are one of the full-scale accessibility audit services providers delivering accessibility solutions to our impressive clients from reputed endeavors, universities, and schools. Our SMEs, researchers, well-informed content and alt-text writers, incredible instructional designers, and quality analysts distribute the interactive, easy to recognize, and augmented content for every project.

Types of Audit Services

We chase guidelines of educational authorities while developing any content for accessibility audit services.

Happiness-of-our-clients Accessibility Audit Services
Happiness of our clients

Our experts at Acadecraft guarantee that our accessibility audit services help clients in making their complicated subjects and E-learning solutions seem simple and easy to understand by the readers/customers. We are providing accessibility services to K12 schools, colleges, universities, training institutions, and corporate companies. Acadecraft presents accessibility audit solutions to incorporate inclusive and interesting concepts for our customers.

Comprehensible content Accessibility services
Comprehensible content

Acadecraft has technically sound and SME professionals enhancing content accessibility for the clients based in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India. The idea of content enhancement is to enable our accessibility development team to gaze insight to make content more comprehensive. We work one all content such as questionnaire, true or false, MCQs, short answers, etc.

Easy to read Easy to understand Audit Services
Easy to read, Easy to understand

We at Acadecraft go for effectual talent accessibility to reinforce our clients’ projects. Our accessibility services team opts for watchful evaluations, which result in enhancing the productivity and reach-ability of content across the territories. Acadecraft provides accessibility services to clients based in various parts of the world. Mostly are overseas customers.

Internet friendly content for all devices and readers Accessibility Audit
Internet-friendly content for all devices and readers

The process of accessibility is used to make the content impressive, readable and accessible by all sized screens. Making content converted to the language used in our daily lives, makes the content more readable by internet users. Furthermore, we design the content with quick to load graphics that serve all screens such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Equality as a principle Accessibility Audit Services
Equality as a principle

Acadecraft being a specialist accessibility service-provider in USA, India, UK, Singapore, and Australia; we deliver a wide range of items based on respective subject type. We adhere to educational authorities guidelines and ensure that content is developed for knowledge enhancement, not for selling any products or services.

K12 Accessibility Development Accessibility services
K12 Accessibility Development

Acadecraft is one of the K12 content development services provider company in India. The accessibility development services develop easy to understand and simple to read curriculum books and handouts for students. We ensure that our accessibility team provides interesting, easy, simple, knowledgeable and great to remember content for the readers.

Industry cover

E learning Audit Services


Acadecraft provides e-learning solutions along with accessibility to the educational system. Our team has the capacity to reshapes the learning programs making them much interesting for the readers.

K12 Schools Accessibility Audit

K12 Schools

Acadecraft is one of the recognized K12 content development companies in India delivering accessible content for all age groups of students studying in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and Singapore.

Colleges Universities Accessibility Audit Services


We assist educational institutions by making their content much accessible for all types of courses to promote learning through digital education.

Industrial Training Accessibility services

Industrial Training

Acadecraft offers full-scale E-learning accessibility consultation, design, and content development solutions for all clients. We tune-in content to make it readable, error-free, and comprehensive.

process Audit Services

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow guarantees that E-learners discover better ideas, in-depth facts, and easy to understand topics to accomplish their diverse education requirements. To achieve that, our team understands the needs of our customers, identify the target audiences or prospective markets, tune-in the content towards making it accessible, and finally, moving to quality analyzing and publishing department.

To be precise, we understand, select, create, make it interesting, design, and publish.

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