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Developing Mobile learning apps for all possible OS platforms be it Android, iOS or even Windows
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Use Cases

Mobile Learning services enable clients to get quality mobile applications on their android, iOS, and Windows enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other internet savvy devices. Mobile learning services provide applications for smartphones, games’ applications and educational apps. Mobile learning services involve a team of skilled instructional designers, writers, mobile application developers, and visionary project managers. There has to be a perfect amalgamation between content developers and IT teams to produce comprehensive, appealing and easy to navigate mobile learning services.

Mobile learning service providers need to assure that learning applications must come with a user-friendly interface to engage customers, and the services should deliver cost-effective solutions to the clients.

About our Mobile Learning service

Acadecraft delivers quality mobile learning services to its precious clients. Utilizing our mobile learning services, clients can obtain applications, education games’ apps or any reasonably software for any potential mobile operating system such as android, iOS, and even Windows. We have skilled teams staffed with specialized professionals as software developers, mobile application developers, web engineers, and content developers following latest trends to develop interactive, user-friendly, and educative mobile learning apps for smart devices.

Our content developers and IT team is well resourced with academic abilities and skills to design the best mobile learning services for our clients. We ensure that our mobile learning apps have user-friendly interface navigation feature for everyone. The learning applications are designed according to the academic requirements and target audiences.

Types of Mobile Learning services

Developing mobile learning applications for educational and businesses needs

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eBook readers

Acadecraft develops an excellent eBook mobile app for readers. We produce mobile apps for eBooks, magazines, and newspapers. Our team has contributed various mobile app solutions for recognized mobile applications.

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Interactive assessments

Acadecraft creates interactive tools to fetch useful information collected on a real-time basis. The application developed to provides a window to understand the concepts and lessons for both teachers and students.

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Educational games

Acadecraft develops educational games explicitly designed with purposes to help students learn about certain subjects, enhance ideas, reinforce development, comprehend historical event or culture as they play.

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Simulations learning

Acadecraft develops a researched-based simulation learning application to assist instructors and students in learning healthcare, mechanical, and other engineering skills without making any potential loss.

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M-Learning apps

Acadecraft presents user-friendly mobile learning application for teachers, students, educational institutions and corporate training institutions. We are skilled in developing M-Leaning apps that meet clients' and users’ requirements effortlessly.

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Augmented reality-based apps

Acadecraft is one of the reputed mobile learning service providers in India, which has developed incredible augmented reality (AR) apps for its clients. We have developed AR apps that integrate audio, digital visual content, and various types of files.

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Productivity apps

Acadecraft is the major key player in developing productivity apps for its clients based in Australia, UK, USA, Ireland, Singapore, India, and UAE. We provide applications for small, medium and large businesses.

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E-Commerce apps

Acadecraft has a skilled team of developers producing e-commerce applications for android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems. Our talented team can develop different e-commerce apps for different businesses and their customers.

Industry cover

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We provide a large number of cost-effective mobile application services and solutions tour overseas and domestic clients.

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Acadecraft has grown to a reputed entity by developing K-12 E-learning solutions and various course content and applications for higher education academics.

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Our skilled team remain busy in developing mobile applications for industry such as healthcare, accounting, academics, e-commerce, automobiles, etc.

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Acadecraft has a skilled team of developers who are producing exclusive and cost-effective mobile apps that increases the ROI of the marketing campaigns.

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Our Process Flow

Acadecraft provides researched-based mobile applications to its clients. We have a practical approach that defines our cost-effective solutions. Our team built mobile applications for all kinds of devices and businesses. When users’ database expands across geographical locations, it automatically increases the ROI and reputation of the business. Your products or information is sold to worldwide users that contribute in increasing profits and turning your mobile app a cost-effective tool for your business.

Our process flow in mobile e-learning signifies analyzing, strategic planning, cost-effective resource management, defining delivery dates, and assessment before dispatch.

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