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Delivering mobile compatible e-learning content to boost employee and client engagement

We are a premier company providing mobile e-learning solutions for our clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and UAE.
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Key Issues

Mobile learning is a product of digital learning, possible due to the advancement of technology. As mobiles and smart-phones become more affordable and the accessibility of the internet increases, clients demand better solutions for ‘on-the-go’ learners.

Developers fail to create compact training modules to enhance knowledge. It is essential for designers to understand the importance of microlearning to deliver them through mobile learning solutions. Developers fail to meet the requirements of the clients and to increase learners’ participation with enhancement in engagement. It is very essential that the training is engaging and interactive, which makes it easier for learners to understand complex topics easily. Clients find it difficult to find an efficient team that is well-equipped with the necessary mobile applications, for Android and iOS, to deliver affecting learning via m-learning.

About our Mobile Learning service

Acadecraft has a team of skilled developers who create engaging and easy to understand mobile learning content for clients to increase the productivity of the learners, train them in their respective fields, and facilitate their growth as well as development for the prosperity of the organization. Our mobile learning services provide bite-sized learning solutions that are aimed at creating an opportunity for any-time learning. We provide our clients with solutions that are best in technology and cost-effective. We work towards educating the learners at their convenience, help them stimulate their training quickly and offer a swift update on transformations. We improve decision making qualities of the learners by encouraging collaborative learning. We use the latest technology, like HTML5, to design optimum mobile-compatible e-learning content for our clients.

Types Of Mobile Learning Services

Developing effective mobile learning solutions using the latest technology to serve the educational and business needs of clients.

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E-book readers

Acadecraft develops excellent eBook mobile applications for readers. We produce mobile applications for eBooks, magazines, and newspapers. Our team has contributed various effective solutions for recognized mobile applications.

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Interactive assessments

Acadecraft creates interactive tools to fetch useful information collected on a real-time basis. The developed applications provide easy training modules for learners to understand complex concepts and lessons.

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Educational games

Acadecraft develops educational games explicitly designed with purposes to help learners understand complex issues, enhance ideas, reinforce development, advance their skills as they engage themselves in playing.

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Simulation learning

Acadecraft develops researched-based simulation learning applications to assist instructors and learners to understand mechanical, technical, and other practical skills without making any potential loss.

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M-Learning apps

Acadecraft presents user-friendly mobile learning applications for teachers, students, educational institutions and corporate training institutions. We are skilled in developing M-Leaning apps that meet clients' and users’ requirements effortlessly.

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Augmented reality-based apps

Acadecraft is one of the reputed mobile learning service providers in India, which has developed incredible augmented reality (AR) apps for its clients. We have developed AR apps that integrate audio, digital visual content, and multiple types of files.

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Productivity apps

Acadecraft is the major key player in developing productivity applications for its clients. Our productivity applications reduce the complex topics into easier training capsules and enhance productivity of the learners.

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E-Commerce apps

Acadecraft has a skilled team of developers producing e-commerce applications for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems. Our talented team can develop different e-commerce apps for various businesses, their goals and their target customers.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft being one of the best mobile e-learning services provider companies delivers customized management programs and training modules that increase user engagement with the services.

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Acadecraft being one of the most reputed mobile e-learning services adheres to the technological developments and fulfils the requirement of clients for designing effective mobile learning materials for the training of various marketing programs.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft being an expert mobile e-learning service comprehends the technological development and client’s requirement for designing effective materials for training and skill upliftment purposes.

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Acadecraft being a leading mobile e-learning service provides fast and efficient training modules, and interactive e-learning solutions for the clients. We design different management programs as per the instructions.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to create compact and accessible training modules for learners to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in a quicker overall development.

We first, identify the basic requirements of clients and learning objectives, then determine the platform of content delivery. We then design high-quality and mobile-friendly content. Next, we boost user engagement by emotional involvement and integrate social e-learning strategies. Finally, review and edit it after quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- identifying, determining, designing, boosting, integrating and reviewing.

To be precise, we identify , determine, design, boost, integrate and review for QC.

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