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Acadecraft is engaged in providing academic and corporate E-learning solutions to its offshore and onshore clients. We provide online tutoring services that equip tutors having vast subject knowledge; quality experience, and have trained over 1000 students in the online arena. In addition, they are highly punctual and dedicated professionals. These online tutors have expertise in all sorts of tangentially twisted concepts. Acadecraft has a fleet of online tutors, coaching subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, K12, English, humanity, SAT, ACT, AP, NEET, JEE, common core, NGSS, nursing, science, ELT, medical, and so on.

Our online tutoring services have been constructed upon the foundation of trust between our team and the clients. Our project managers handling online tutoring services ensure that tutors deliver quality education to the students following effective communication and easy to understand theoretical or practical examples. Additionally, our aim is to provide easy to learn and long to remember education to our students.

About Our Online Tutor Services

Our online tutoring services are the result of hard efforts and deliberation. By bonding to a few principles, our tutors have developed unique abilities to accomplish their duties with a touch of absolute brilliance.

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  • Providing text, video, audio, and whiteboard tutoring
  • 24/7 online tutoring services
  • Students can catch up tutors round the clock
  • Sharing tutors’ profile with clients
  • Our fleet of tutors have expertise over 300 subjects
  • Online tutors coaching on all subjects be it, IT or non-IT
  • Cost-effective online tutoring services
  • Providing online tutoring services to groups and one-on-one students

Tasks Of Our Online Tutors

Acadecraft has a brilliant fleet of tutors having excellent social and empathy skills, which give them an upper edge in handling and controlling situations compared to our competition. Our online tutors use diverse communication medium.

They can be connected through chat, video calls, direct calls, Skype, and other online messaging services. In addition, our online tutors are available round the clock for their students. In our online tutoring services, our tutors have developed their own methodologies to impart in-depth and practical subject knowledge to their students.

Yet, the self-developed methods adhere to standards prescribed by educational authorities. Furthermore, online tutors are experts in defining and illustrating concepts to educate students and align their efforts with the path to success.

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