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We have a team of experienced alt-text writers providing solutions to businesses based in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE

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Key Issues

ALT-text writing is a structure of writing that supplies an ALTernative way of transmitting the sequence presented by an image to the users who cannot inevitably see it due to various reasons. It engages in defining and describing visuals on the internet.

Alt-text writers should create detailed and crisp descriptions for images to improve the accessibility of the content by users with special conditions. These writers should have a strong command over language and should be able to deliver complicated ideas in a precise way. They should analyze every visual and understand the context to determine its purpose, relevant information, and the best approach to describe it for the viewers. Alt-Text Writers should be able to comprehend what a visual portrays by studying and considering the inner workings, complexities, and intricacies of visuals including graphics, images, illustrations, and diagrams. They should have an aptitude to understand ideas and views portrayed in a visual better than others do. They should be able to make manuals and textbooks accessible for the visually impaired and individuals with other learning disabilities.

Alt-Writer Services

Our ALT-text writers can inscribe Alt-texts for any kind of image, irrespective of its complexity level. They possess full-fledged knowledge of working in the field and creating accessible content for users.

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    Qualities of Alt-text writers:

  • Descriptive writing
  • In-Depth Research
  • Understanding Target Audience
  • Enhancing Accessibility
  • Ensuring Accuracy
  • Improve Topical Relevance
  • Concise and Clear Communication

How can Acadecraft Help?

Alt-text writers at Acadecraft leverage businesses by delivering exceptional alt-text writing service that establishes a better understanding and effortless reading of the text. We deliver manual alt-text writing services to ensure perfection and offer a detailed description of visuals for those with disabilities. Our alt-text writers provide a detailed yet concise account of information compacted in a visual. Our team of alt-text writers consists of capable writers having profound and technical knowledge of concepts and make use of their expertise in providing articulate details of visuals while composing alt-texts. Acadecraft carries out an analysis of the content, conducts image categorization and detailed explanation, Alt-text Writing, Review. They are also skilled in writing alt-texts for educational books and courses for industrial training. Our aim is to make content more accessible, understandable as well as readable.

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