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Delivering at par academic e-learning services in stipulated period
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Use Cases

E-learning services have established to be the best medium of learning and training in the corporate sector and academic institutions. The respective enhancements of the learning module have also raised a need for rapid e-learning development solutions in the industry. Educational institutions or corporate companies have raised a demand to obtain an instant content development, copyediting, proofreading, instructional design, assessment services, etc. Along with it, they have to opt for E-Learning products that include rapid eLearning services, translation, localization, file conversion and interface development, rapid E-Learning development, and rapid authoring.

A skilled team, of subject matter experts, content developers, editors, quality checking professionals, and seasoned project managers are able to accomplish the requirements in accordance with clients’ satisfaction. RAPID e-learning service providers having years of experience in the sector are the perfect choice, which can commit to delivering qualitative and cost-effective RAPID e-learning solutions within deadlines to their clients.

About our rapid e-learning service

Acadecraft is a leading source in delivering rapid E-learning services to an enormous number of clients and companies at an international stage. Our rapid e-learning service designers and content developers collaborate to develop rapid E-learning services, which are flawless. We deliver rapid e-learning services by utilizing strategies, techniques, and on-point executions.

The demand for digital rapid E-learning services are growing and only skilled providers can expect their existence for a longer period in the industry. Businesses are progressing and technology is growing at a rapid pace, so being an e-learning service provider, Acadecraft adapts trending technology and update services in accordance to e-learning requirements. Such practice assists us to stay firm on our commitments made to clients.

Types of rapid e-learning services

Our goal is to develop rapid E-learning services for trainers and trainees. E-learning products provided by us are easy to understand, self-explanatory, informative and quick to realize.

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Rapid e-learning services

Acadecraft produces functional, suitable, and highly effectual e-learning products to the clients. Besides this, the content provided delivers a good learning experience to the aspirants and offers great value for money. We develop performance-based learning objectives, provide content as per the compatibility of devices, and summarize learning products to increase learning comforts.

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Rapid e-learning development

Acadecraft, being the rapid E-learning services provider in India produces e-learning solutions having effective and efficient instructional design, standardized layouts, easy to understand interactive modules attached with images and descriptive icons. Our project managers handle every assignment with an agile approach. The strategically developed e-learning content products save 30% of learner’s time in comparison to traditional methodologies.

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Rapid authoring

Acadecraft provides easy to use rapid authoring tools that enable professionals to create simple quizzes, interactive e-learning sessions, and proficiency in developing a wide variety of e-learning courses with no trouble and rapidly. Rapid authoring tools are online e-training software that assists e-learners create effectual web-based training courses. These tools abolish the need for coding and multimedia skills.

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Acadecraft provides translation as the main feature in rapid E-learning services. Our expert professionals translate a text into several languages without compromising its essence, disposition, information or humor. The team translates content by knowing precisely how it is supposed to change without affecting its background and context. We translate exactly what clients ask for.

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Acadecraft has a skilled team of expert professionals providing localization services to our clients. Our experts are specialized in doing extensive research and rigorous hard work for completing localization projects. Our rapid e-learning services enable clients to obtain instant localization services in any language, any assignment, and at any time in accordance with projects’ requirements.

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File conversion & interface development

Acadecraft provides noticeable file conversion and interface development solutions in rapid E-learning services. Our services consumes less time in moving data or file from one platform to another. Furthermore, interfaces are run daily or periodically providing user-friendly interface solutions to our clients. Time-saving, easy to execute, and cost-effective are the main features in such development.

Industry cover

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Acadecraft provides rapid e-learning services to an educational system. Our team is skilled in reshaping the learning programs by translating, converting and changing formats using technologies and new e-learning channels.

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Industrial Training

Acadecraft delivers full-scale rapid E-learning services, designs, and content development solutions to its clients. We translate and localize the content based-on E-learning software platforms used by a variety of industrial training hubs.

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Acadecraft is one of the reputed rapid E-Learning service providers for K12 schools, colleges and educational institution content development companies in India. Our services assist educational institutions to put into exercise the E-learning solutions through digital education.

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft is one of the reputed rapid e-learning services development companies in India; which assists publishing organizations by delivering faultless and exact content based in the USA, Ireland, Australia, UAE, and Singapore.

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Our Process Flow

There are approximate six services incorporated in rapid e-learning solutions. We add new services or current services according to the projects’ requirements. From the evaluation of content development to language translation, or localization to file conversion solutions, everything has a hierarchical order and sequence to deliver quick and cost-effective services to our clients. Acadecraft’s rapid E-learning services aim for descriptive solutions with the context for each learning occurrence.

Our process flow in rapid E-learning denotes analyzing the client’s requirements, developing content or assessing the provided content, and assigning to rapid e-learning team for execution and delivery before deadlines.

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