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Key Issues

Developing effective online dialogues for e-learning is a cultivated skill that entails precise consideration of process, issue framing, participant behavior, and requires a deep understanding of the principles of dialogue. Dialogue simulation can be challenging but if employed well can be an efficient mode of training for the learners. Dialogue simulations should be based on real business cases arising from practical experiences. Learners should face real-time challenges like correctly presenting a product, assigning a task, or calming an angry customer down, etc.

Most of the content developers fail to understand that dialogue simulation should be in a branched scenario, where every response is supposed to have a consequence. Dialogue simulations should be custom-designed to meet the objectives of an organization. It is essential to clearly articulate the role of learners and effectively frame their involvement. Content developers should declare the rules and expectations from the learners and present issues as opportunities instead of problems. Dialogues simulation should be designed in a facilitated process, just as real-life conversations. Dialogue facilitation is the most important yet the most neglected part of the simulation. It should be handled by experts. It is very important for a developer to understand the behavior modes in order to accurately design dialogues pertaining to a situation.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experts and content developers who develop personalized dialogue simulations depending on the training objectives of businesses. Our dialogues are derived from real-life issues regularly faced by the learners. Dialogue simulation designed by us consists of connected scenes arranged in a chronology. The learners go through different scenes and branched structures based on their responses. Dialogues simulation by Acadecraft helps learners in honing their communication skills, improving client relationships, and enhancing their productivity. We ensure that we give space to the learners to learn as the conversation goes on. We keep the conversations short yet extremely fruitful. We increase the motivation of the learners by providing them a risk-free online training environment to solve problems. We help businesses in reducing the time and expense of training by immersing the learners in real-life situations and the environment. We develop effective process management by clearly defining the process, the learner expectations and workload, etiquette and dialogue principles, and moderation guidelines. Our expert facilitators utilize different techniques like welcoming new learners, explaining and seeking clarifications, substantiating facts, resolving conflicts, and contextualizing learner contributions. We manage and facilitate dialogue simulation by understanding the behavioral modes. We focus on making the learners learn better through experience.

Types of Dialogues Simulations

Acadecraft provides all types of accessibility services to its clients based in USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, and India

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Simple simulations

Acadecraft delivers simple simulation services to help the learners in testing or practicing one skill. We create these simulations to hone one specific skill of the learners. We customize them as per the goals and requirements of the businesses. These dialogue simulations don’t just involve solving problems but also learning or adopting new skills. We also add exercises after the dialogues to improve memorization among the learners.

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Complex simulations

Acadecraft also delivers complex simulations to train various skills at once. We also deliver one comprehensive simulation where learners can practice different techniques like establishing contact, identifying needs, presenting the product, overcoming objections, and closing the deal. We deliver these simulations to save time and other resources of a business. We train a learner at more than one skill at one time by employing this simulation.

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One-shot Simulations

One-shot simulations by Acadecrft offer one-time learning. Software and process training is built on this simulation. We help learners learn about the various features of software or a process. We give them the opportunity to try to change responses if they get it wrong. This helps them in understanding complex processes and concepts. At Acadecraft, we develop e-training simulations that employ one-shot simulations for learners to equip them with a process.

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Learn-by-example simulations:

Acadecraft delivers learn-by-example dialogue simulations by providing learners a number of circumstances and encouraging them to intervene and determine further course of action. Dialogues are chronologically step-wise designed and through multiple tries, learners observe the consequences of their actions. Through this type of simulation, we encourage learners to think logically and cognitively to successfully reach the final outcome.

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Through Microworlds dialogues simulation, Acadecraft focuses on delivering a virtual representation of the real environment. We let the learners to physically interact with various elements of the virtual world and learn from experiences. We have a huge experience in developing virtual microworlds. We address the needs of learners based on their unique objectives. Our training modules are different for every learner group and are designed as per the target audiences.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft, being one of the best dialogue simulation services provider companies, delivers customized circumstances for management programs and training modules to increase communication skills and productivity of the learners.

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Marketing Industries

Acadecraft being one of the most reputed dialogue simulation services is equipped with the latest technological developments and fulfills the requirement of businesses for designing interactive dialogues for the training of various marketing programs.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft being an expert dialogue simulation service delivers dialogue simulation content to train learners to understand software or a process to meet the client’s requirement by designing effective materials for training and skill upliftment purposes.

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Acadecraft being a leading dialogue simulation service provides quick and efficient training modules and interactive e-learning solutions for the clients. We design different dialogue simulation management programs as per the instructions.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to create compact and accessible training modules using dialogue simulation for learners to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in a quicker overall development.

We first, identify the needs and objectives of businesses, then craft relatable characters. Next, we design the script and structure of delivery. We then select the simulation type. Next, we develop the chronology of the dialogues and the learning takeaways. We then deliver feedback for the learners. Finally, review and edit it for quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the 7 steps of our workflow include- identifying, crafting, designing, selecting, developing, delivering, and reviewing.

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