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We are the leading higher education content development companies in UK, catering clients based in India, USA, Australia, Singapore and UAE.
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Use Cases

Content development is a resourceful and shared work with Subject Matter Experts to give relevant, accurate, and subjective content. With the support of Subject Matter Experts, our content development team creates higher education, E learning, and higher education content taking into consideration students’ maturity following their age group. This facilitates the students to take hold of topics, information or chapters fluently.

Complete text content is dispersed utilizing simple and effortless language along with graphical presentation for improved perceptive. Team managing higher education content development services encompassing SMEs, designers, content writers, copy editors, proofreaders, and assessment experts for quality analysis. They offer relevant, useful, and appealing content for all subjects.

About our Content Development Service

We are one of the higher education content development companies in India offering higher education content development services to our impressive patrons from distinguished enterprises, universities, and schools. Our subject matter expert, content writer, editors, copy/proof readers, implausible instructional designers, and professionals in assessment development services bring in the interactive, easy to understand, and boost content for your project.

Types of Content Development Service

We adhere to observance of higher educational authorities while developing content for subjects, competitive examinations, higher education courses, academic institutions and universities.

Textbook creation Higher Education Content Development Services
Textbook creation

Acadecraft is focused and dedicated to present the best textbook creation service in accordance to clients’ business prerequisites. We offer a full range of textbook and E book formation for the clients belong to business domains such as IT, accounting, competitive examination and other educational entities.

Curriculum designing Educational Content Development
Curriculum designing

At Acadecraft, we have outstanding creative minds enaged in designing higher education content development materials for the colleges and universities. The curriculum explains the purpose, consideration, and instructional blocks for classes and courses. The designing composed of principles behind the points. Our curriculum assists communicate education step-by-step.

Solution manuals education Content Development
Solution manuals

Acadecraft has expert team of Subject Matter Experts, who help in analyzing, measuring, and recording answers to serious and tricky questions in effortless manner. Students discover a huge bonus when solution manual supports them in saving time and efforts in searching answers to typical questions accessible in the chapter.

Lesson plans Content Development services
Lesson plans

Acadecraft lesson plans are composed of creative learning ideas, classification, course content, plan, and prepare educational or learning activities along with study materials. Our team works on constructing the plans expressive and uncomplicated for the students and instructors. Our team has skill in creating lesson plans for educational institutions.

Test banks Higher Education Content Development Services
Test banks

Acadecraft among the higher education content development companies in USA has developed facts base of test bank. We have, and we are skilled to expand electronic testing resources, which can be customized according to the teachers, lecturers or by instructors in accordance to education prerequisites.

Practice papers Educational Content Development
Practice papers

Acadecraft being one of the higher education content development providers in India generate practice papers for its clients based in USA, UK, Australia, and UAE. Our team of Subject Matter Experts has developed work sheets comprising a variety of topics customized to build studies successful and time-efficient.

Industry cover

E learning education Content Development


Acadecraft considers e-learning solutions are an indispensable part of educational categorization. Our team redesigns the learning curriculums with technologies and new e-learning guides. We develop e-learning knowledge across diverse students and clients.

K12 Schools Content Development services

K12 Schools

Acadecraft is one of the acknowledged higher education content development companies in USA; which brings E learning solutions to higher education schools and other academic establishments in the UAE, UK, Australia, India and Singapore.

Colleges Universities Higher Education Content Development Services


We give a hand to educational establishments of all masses to pick, expand, and invest in practice E learning solutions to support learning through digital learning. Our content caters to a variety of user groups.

Industrial Training Educational Content Development

Industrial Training

Acadecraft serves whole E learning consulting, planning, and content development services to its clients. We tune-in to E learning platforms delivering them resourceful and significant content to tender skill-based industrial training.

process education Content Development

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow agrees that E learners have find out better ideas, in-depth details, and easy to distinguish content to absolute their miscellaneous curriculum.

To attain that, our team follows the provisions of our patrons, then spot the areas of content development or formation. We opt for planning the curriculum, manuscript the papers and instructional design. In conclusion, it is the time for moving to assessment development services for quality analyzing and publishing.

To be defined; our process flow occupy calibration with SMEs, content development team, editorial reviews, copy editing/proof reading, and finalizes the content after assessment development services carried out to QC.

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