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Acadecraft helps in cutting down the risks and production costs up to 30-40%
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Use Cases

Accelerating the creation processes by put into practice through applying innovative solutions, which assist in keeping the production costs low. Hiring composition-typesetting services by clients engaged in publishing of K12 books, higher educational books, eBooks, trade books, B2B publication, digital magazines, etc are able to get various other benefits from typesetting services.

Higher Education Professional typesetting services allow clients to discover their publishing cost reduced to 35% annually or according to the project. The cost effective solution can draw out book typesetting cost to decrease of 50% in some cases. The well-informed and seasoned compositors are competent of delivering higher education typesetting services in Australia, UK, and Ireland along with India.

About our typesetting service

We are one of the leading higher education professional typesetting companies in UK. However, our book typesetting services have been appreciated in India, Australia and Ireland. Our composition typesetting services engage STM books and journals, B2B books and journals, Magazines, Proceedings, Directories and Dictionaries, Comic books, Recipe books, Law books, School books (K1–K12), Catalogues, and Encyclopaedias.

Our cost effective typesetting services prices create accurate desktop publishing, graphics design and online printing services. With a wide experience in publications industry, our team is skilled in converting manuscript text or a digital copy to PDFs implying a professional touch.

Types of typesetting services

Acadecraft professional typesetting services bring precise publishing, designing, and printing solutions by utilizing accredited software - InDesign, Quark, Adobe, etc.

Typesetting & Composition professional typesetting services
Typesetting & Composition

Acadecraft has talented team of typesetting experts. They are capable in creating ready-to-publish files translated from MS Word format, typeset from an old edition, or hard copies. We are one of the well-known professional typesetting companies in Australia managing wide range of publications incorporating mathematical formulas, complicated drawings, diagrams, tables, multi-environment layouts, etc.

Creative cover page illustrations layout typesetting services
Creative (cover page/ illustrations/ layout)

Acadecraft is a source of typesetting services in Ireland. We have our customers base in India, UK, and Australia. Our team has creative graphic artists and incredible editors. They lend a hand in creating sole, compelling and visually evoking design loaded with customized and captivating illustrations. Such cover page graphic reflects your content and build your eBooks stand out.

Asset Research Media Rights & Permissions professional typesetting services
Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions

Acadecraft being the contributor of affordable typesetting services prices by simplify the challenging task of securing rights and permissions concerning to publication. Our typesetting services certify that clients’ digital expedition of content lingers smooth. We have offered consultation to a variety of publications and protected them against potential infringe concerning to length, language, geographical limits, etc.

Alt text for Accessibility typesetting services
Alt-text for Accessibility

Acadecraft is a recognized higher education Typesetting InDesign company in India having a talented team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who can identify and comprehend the key points of diagrams, images, and graphs. SMEs add Alt Text matching the exact explanation for an illustration as per the requirements and specifications given by the clients. Also, they adhere to book typesetting guidelines.

Proofing and Testing professional typesetting services
Proofing and Testing

Acadecraft, being into book typesetting service from several years has experienced team of typesetting professional. They recognize and fix the errors related to uneven tone in images, topography, hyper linking, style, variations in artwork in relation to source file, formatting, etc. The professionals can bear out codes, and check final output on diverse platforms.

Rights & Permission typesetting services
Rights & Permission

We provide Rights & Permission services to the Publishing organizations. Our team look out of the practice terms and conditions given on the content while mentioning Rights & Permission. Acadecraft has an in-house team of experienced legal representatives, who are skilled in forming suitable and practical policy matching your content.

Industry cover

K12 Higher Education Journals professional typesetting services

K12/Higher Education/Journals

Acadecraft offers professional typesetting services to a range of institutions such as states and governments, universities, post-secondary institutions, charter schools, local educational bodies, K-12 schools, colleges, IT training institutes, etc.

eBooks Trade Books typesetting services

eBooks/Trade Books

Acadecraft is a dedicated organization offering typesetting services for eBooks and Trade Books accessible in all formats, layout, MOBI, ePub3 and ePub for education handouts. The segment incorporates typesetting publishing solutions for fiction, reference, religious and other books.

B2B Publishing Digital magazines professional typesetting services

B2B Publishing/Digital magazines

Acadecraft is one of the composition typesetting services providers in India developing opportunities for B2B publishers. Our services facilitate clients to take advantage of on the industrial advancements by digitizing information and wooing target spectators by contributing cost effective solutions.

Technology Aviation Legal Services typesetting services

Technology/Aviation/Legal Services

Acadecraft produces pertinent and correct content to the clients. Our delivered electronic arrangements facilitate board of online information in opening up potentially untapped markets and proceeds channels.

process professional typesetting services

How It Works

Acadecraft is one of the professional typesetting companies in India conducting overseas projects from Australia, Ireland, and UK.

In the era of instant digital expectations, the corporation uses contemporary IT methods for delivering outstanding typesetting services to the clients. It utilizes customized encoding languages to typeset letters, formats, layout and symbols in obtainable dissimilar languages. The new digital typesetting processes assist in eliminating extra time uses and attempts resulting in reducing the general cost of the typesetting projects.

Usually, our team make use of software applications such as InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Frame Maker, InCopy, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, Quark copy desk, etc.

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