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Copyediting is a serious business. Acadecraft, which the leading top-notch copy editing services providers in India providing reviews based, correct, legible, free from error, regular, and non-repetitive copies to its patrons.

Even if, it is requirement of journal copyediting, higher books copy editing, children copy editing, or higher education copyediting; our copy editors guarantee that content offered is distinctive and highly informative. The copy editors confirm the content considering it meaningful, relevant, having smooth readability flow, and without no repetition.

About our Copy Editing service

Acadecraft is one of the leading copy editing services providers in Singapore. We provide journal copy editing services to our customers located in USA, UK, UAE, and India. Our content is recognized for having well constructed, qualitative and error free explanations.

Our subject copy editing services slots in skilled copy editors editing higher books, publishing tutorials, content for higher education and children books for past one decade.

Types of Copy Editing services

Acadecraft filters the content to unexemplified degrees and purges it of all error.

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Substantive Editing

In substantive editing in subject copy editing services judge a document's idea and intended exercise, content, involvement, design, and method. The meaning is to make the text practical for its readers, not just to produce it accurate and consistent. Substantive editing is almost finally analysis-based, whether at the text stage or at the paragraph, sentence, or word level. Statements require judgment, not just the obedience of rules, and therefore should be supple with the writer. Contrast this employment with STM copyediting service that includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style and constancy. Copy editing teams’ highlights on the subjects such as generally formation of the publication, logical presentation, know-how accuracy, table of contents, interior headings, index, etc. Substantive editing may employ reshuffling or rewriting part or all of a text. A related edit is the language edit, which is apprehension with how ideas are stated.

Content Editing Copyediting
Content Editing

Content editing services comprise of substantive editing, inclusive editing, macro editing, and deep editing. These all forms of copyediting are utilized for evaluating the overall formatting, style, and content of an article. The recommended procedures assist in optimizing visual design and directness. Content editing process often needs alteration based on metaphorical questions concerning to simplicity of understanding and gathering Content editing is centered on all-purpose theoretical aim, content, business, and writing style of the text in reflection. Content editing can require attempt past that of essential copyediting. It can be time irresistible; it demands the entire content to be theoretically edited, requiring an assortment of broader than that of precise diction or syntax. This could mean reorder sections or improvement the content as a whole. capable content editing can authorize a confusing content to be more clear and exact, and easier to read. Content edits not only authorize an enhancement in readability, but chart appeal as well.

Proofreading Copyediting services

Professional proofreading service is the procedure of read-through the content for accuracy, context-based facts. The basic objective of every proofreader is to guarantee the strength and arrangement of the content. Besides this, professional proofreading services call for the proofreader to delve into and exercise other resources for confirming the legitimacy of the referenced objects in the copy. The responsibility of a proofreader is to safeguard the accuracy of the content; we at Acadecraft confirm that our professional proofreading services persisting the uppermost level of quality and precision in our content. Our clients are worthy of the best services realizable, and that is only possible solution through the group effort of all our professionals at Acadecraft. There are countless responsibilities, which the route of making professional proofreading services provides it to their clients. These are the content at hefty before editing the shorter lumps of it. Accepting what is accurately or contextually right or wrong. Therefore, proofreaders could do with to have serious thinking abilities.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysis is the process of concerning syntactic associations, from the levels of clauses, sentences, phrases, and paragraphs. This incorporates to the level of the writing as a whole, to their language independent meanings. It also appoints removing features accurate to educational contexts, to the amount that such a project is possible. Semantics contracts with statement or sentence option in any given background, while pragmatics considers the sole or exacting denotation derived from context or tone. Semantics is about usual coded meaning, and pragmatics, the connotation encoded in words that is then interpreted by observers. Semantic analysis demands a comprehending of lexical pecking order, incorporating synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. It also narrates to notions like connotation and collocation, which is the thorough combination of words that can be or regularly are surrounding a single word. This can encompass of idioms, metaphor, and simile.

Industry cover

E learning Copy Editing Services


Acadecraft considers e-learning solutions are an essential component of learning system. Our copy editors’ team lightens up the learning agendas utilizing technologies and latest e-learning channels. We expand e-learning occurrence across diverse addressees.

Publishing Copyediting


Acadecraft is one of an apparent copy editing services providers in US; which helps publishing organizations by delivering perfect and precise content to the clients based in the USA, India, Australia, UK and Singapore.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services

Business, Media (Magazines & Journals)

We are offering journal copyediting, higher education copy editing, and children copy editing services to all types of institutions, and media houses. In addition, our proofreading services could turn a good quality content into a high-quality one.

Content writing industry Higher Education Copy editing Services

Content writing industry

Acadecraft offers full-scale content writing services, which incorporates structuring, consistence, eliminating discrepancies, rewriting, etc. Being the one of the leading subject copy editing services providers in Australia, we give cost effective copy editing solutions to our clients.

process Copy Editing Services

How It Works

Our process flow engrosses three stages in copy-editing services.

Level 1 copyediting service
The first level embraces substantive editing. This outline of editing counters all outward appearances of errors, which sway the presentation.

Level 2 copyediting service
The second level consists of content editing. This structure of editing guarantees that the content pursues the 5 C's of copyediting (that is Concise, Clear, Consistent, Correct and Complete).

Level 3 copyediting service
The third level contains proofreading. In this level, the content is scanned for all sorts of mistakes like punctuation, grammatical, structure, framing and factual. This technique renders the content free of all flaws.

To be precise, our process follow comprised of Level 1 copyediting service, Level 2 copyediting service, and Level 3 copyediting service.

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